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Efficacy and safety of methacholine bronchial challenge performed by auscultation in young asthmatic children.
It is concluded that the modified auscultation method is effective and safe, with wheeze appearing at the end point in the large majority of the children. Expand
Cut-off points defining normal and asthmatic bronchial reactivity to exercise and inhalation challenges in children and young adults.
The optimal cut-off separating an asthmatic from a normal response to a bronchial provocation challenge by exercise and the inhalation of methacholine or histamine in children and young adults was determined. Expand
Isodisomy of chromosome 7 in a patient with cystic fibrosis: could uniparental disomy be common in humans?
Maternal isodisomy for chromosome 7 was observed in a 4-year-old cystic fibrosis patient with very short stature and homozygosity due to uniparental descent in man should be kept in mind as a mechanism for recessive disorders, especially for chromosomes 7. Expand
Comparison of bronchoconstriction induced by cycling and running
Bicycle ergometer, treadmill, and free range running exercise have been used to induce bronchoconstriction in 10 asthmatic subjects who were relatively well and free from symptoms at the time ofExpand
Validation of an ambulatory cough detection and counting application using voluntary cough under different conditions
This validation scheme provides an objective and quantitative assessment method of a cough counting algorithm in a range of realistic situations that simulate ambulatory monitoring of cough. Expand
Spirometry, lung volumes and airway resistance in normal children aged 5 to 18 years.
Spirometry, lung volumes and airway resistance have been measured in 382 school children aged 5 to 18 years and there was virtually no change in specific airway conductance with growth. Expand
Pulmonary Function and Response to Exercise in Cystic Fibrosis
Results of physiological studies at rest and during exercise in 41 patients with cystic fibrosis of the lungs are presented, and a very specific pattern emerged of enlargement of physiological deadspace even in the mildest cases. Expand
Exhaled nitric oxide in the diagnosis of asthma: comparison with bronchial provocation tests
Measurement of eNO can be used as a safe, simple and rapid test for the diagnosis of asthma and is as good as bronchial provocation tests. Expand
Plethysmographic measurements of lung volume and airway resistance. ERS/ATS Task Force on Standards for Infant Respiratory Function Testing. European Respiratory Society/ American Thoracic Society.
Recommendations pertaining to equipment requirements, study procedures and reporting of data for plethysmographic measurements in infants are provided to ensure that such measurements are as accurate as possible and that meaningful comparisons can be made between data collected in different centres or with different equipment. Expand
Independent inheritance of serum immunoglobulin E concentrations and airway responsiveness.
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  • 1 March 2001