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Synthetic concrete pore solution chemistry and rebar corrosion rate in the presence of chlorides
Abstract Synthetic concrete pore solutions containing 0, 0.1, 0.5, 0.75 and 1 N in chloride ion, in the form of NaCl or CaCl 2 , ranging from pH = 11.64 to pH = 13.22, were characterized throughExpand
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Accelerated carbonation of Friedel's salt in calcium aluminate cement paste
Knowledge of the stability of Friedel's salt is important due to its capacity for binding chloride. Free chloride is one of the more aggressive ions for steel embedded in concrete, contributingExpand
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Belite cement clinker from coal fly ash of high Ca content. Optimization of synthesis parameters.
The optimization of parameters of synthesis of belite cement clinker from coal fly ash of high Ca content is presented in this paper. The synthesis process is based on theExpand
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Efficiency of fly ash belite cement and zeolite matrices for immobilizing cesium.
The efficiency of innovative matrices for immobilizing cesium is presented in this work. The matrix formulation included the use of fly ash belite cement (FABC-2-W) and gismondine-type Na-P1 zeolite,Expand
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Abstract Ca++ and OH− leaching at 20 °C and 40 °C have been studied by means of the ANSI/ANS-16.1-1986 test. Mixtures of a Portland cement (Type I-35) and a synthetic boiling water reactor (BWR)Expand
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Hydraulic activity and microstructural characterization of new fly ash–belite cements synthesized at different temperatures
The influence of the synthesis temperature of a new fly ash–belite cement (FABC) on its hydraulic activity and microstructural characteristics is discussed in this work. Three types of FABC wereExpand
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Efficiency of a blast furnace slag cement for immobilizing simulated borate radioactive liquid waste.
The efficiency of a blast furnace slag cement (Spanish CEM III/B) for immobilizing simulated radioactive borate liquid waste [containing H3BO3, NaCl, Na2SO4 and Na(OH)] has been evaluated by means ofExpand
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Microstructure and Mechanical Performance of Belite Cements from High Calcium Coal Fly Ash
The microstructure and mechanical performance of two low energy fly ash belite cements (FABC-1-W and FABC-1-N) obtained from high calcium-coal fly ash as raw material is studied in this work. TheExpand
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SEM/EDX Characterization of the Hydration Products of Belite Cements from Class C Coal Fly Ash
This paper presents the microscopic characterization of two types of fly ash belite cements and their hydration products by means of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy-dispersive X-ray (EDX)Expand
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Durability of hydrated portland cement with copper slag addition in NaCl + Na2SO4 medium
Abstract The reactivity of hydrated portland cement pastes containing up to a 30% of a Spanish ground copper slag (CuGS) in an aggressive solution (Cl− + SO4=) has been studied in order to evaluateExpand
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