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Optimal control of coupled spin dynamics: design of NMR pulse sequences by gradient ascent algorithms.
In this paper, we introduce optimal control algorithm for the design of pulse sequences in NMR spectroscopy. This methodology is used for designing pulse sequences that maximize the coherenceExpand
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A general enhancement scheme in heteronuclear multidimensional NMR employing pulsed field gradients
SummaryGeneral pulse sequence elements that achieve sensitivity-enhanced coherence transfer from a heteronucleus to protons of arbitrary multiplicity are introduced. The building blocks are derivedExpand
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Time optimal control in spin systems
In this paper, we study the design of pulse sequences for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy as a problem of time optimal control of the unitary propagator. Radio-frequency pulses are used inExpand
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Application of optimal control theory to the design of broadband excitation pulses for high-resolution NMR.
Optimal control theory is considered as a methodology for pulse sequence design in NMR. It provides the flexibility for systematically imposing desirable constraints on spin system evolution andExpand
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Exploring the limits of broadband excitation and inversion pulses.
The design of broadband excitation and inversion pulses with compensation of B(1)-field inhomogeneity is a long standing goal in high resolution NMR spectroscopy. Most optimization procedures used soExpand
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IDEAL spiral CSI for dynamic metabolic MR imaging of hyperpolarized [1‐13C]pyruvate
Metabolic imaging with hyperpolarized [1‐13C]pyruvate offers the unique opportunity for a minimally invasive detection of cellular metabolism. Efficient and robust acquisition and reconstructionExpand
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Structural and dynamical properties of a denatured protein. Heteronuclear 3D NMR experiments and theoretical simulations of lysozyme in 8 M urea.
Oxidized and reduced hen lysozyme denatured in 8 M urea at low pH have been studied in detail by NMR methods. 15N correlated NOESY and TOCSY experiments have provided near complete sequentialExpand
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Sub-Riemannian geometry and time optimal control of three spin systems: Quantum gates and coherence transfer
Radio-frequency pulses are used in nuclear-magnetic-resonance spectroscopy to produce unitary transfer of states. Pulse sequences that accomplish a desired transfer should be as short as possible inExpand
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Geometric Optimal Control of the Contrast Imaging Problem in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Optimal trajectories can be selected among extremal solutions of the Pontryagin Maximum Principle applied to this Mayer type optimal problem. Expand
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Optimal control in NMR spectroscopy: numerical implementation in SIMPSON.
We present the implementation of optimal control into the open source simulation package SIMPSON for development and optimization of nuclear magnetic resonance experiments for a wide range ofExpand
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