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Primer of biostatistics
The text focuses on practical areas of statistics in terms of their relevance to biomedical applications, statistical hypothesis testing and estimation and an easy-to-use menu-driven program which performs 17 commonly used statistical tests featured in the text.
Primer of Applied Regression & Analysis of Variance
Why Do Multivariate Analysis?. The First Step: Understanding Simple Linear Regression. Regression With Two or More Independent Variables. Do the Data Fit the Assumptions?. Multicollinearity and What
Effect of smoke-free workplaces on smoking behaviour: systematic review
Smoke-free workplaces not only protect non-smokers from the dangers of passive smoking, they also encourage smokers to quit or to reduce consumption.
Cardiovascular Effects of Secondhand Smoke: Nearly as Large as Smoking
The effects of secondhand smoke are substantial and rapid, explaining the relatively large risks that have been reported in epidemiological studies.
Electronic cigarettes and conventional cigarette use among U.S. adolescents: a cross-sectional study.
Use of e-cigarettes was associated with higher odds of ever or current cigarette smoking, higher chances of established smoking, high odds of planning to quit smoking among current smokers, and, among experimenters, lower odds of abstinence from conventional cigarettes.
Passive smoking and heart disease. Epidemiology, physiology, and biochemistry.
The combination of epidemiological studies with demonstration of physiological changes with exposure to ETS, together with biochemical evidence that elements of ETS have significant adverse effects on the cardiovascular system, leads to the conclusion that ETS causes heart disease.
Multiple regression for physiological data analysis: the problem of multicollinearity.
This work has shown that not all interesting physiological questions can be studied without encountering multicollinearity, and various ad hoc procedures have been proposed to mitigate multicoll inearity.
Reduced incidence of admissions for myocardial infarction associated with public smoking ban: before and after study
Laws to enforce smoke-free workplaces and public places may be associated with an effect on morbidity from heart disease.