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Tidal and longshore sediment transport associated to a coastal structure
In order to understand the subtidal marine dynamics relative to the coastal engineering works in the Bahia Blanca Estuary (Argentina), the balance of sediment transport caused by tidal currents wasExpand
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Evolution of a coastal alluvial deposit in response to the last Quaternary marine transgression, Bahía Blanca estuary, Argentina
The purpose of this research is to analyze the seismostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental features of an ancient fluvial deposit characterized by the presence of paleochannels and sedimentaryExpand
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Seismic Stratigraphy of Pleistocene Deltaic Deposits in Bahía Blanca Estuary, Argentina.
The Bahía Blanca estuary (Argentina) has a morphological configuration resulting from hydrological and sedimentary processes related to Late Quaternary sea level changes. This estuarine systemExpand
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Mass mortality of a HoloceneTagelus plebeius (Mollusca, Bivalvia) population in the Bahía Blanca Estuary, Argentina
Abstract A mass mortality phenomenon affecting a mollusc fauna on the Holocene tidal flat of the Bahia Blanca Estuary is analyzed. Specimens ofTagelus plebeius are located in a well-defined horizon,Expand
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Characteristics of Tidal Channels in a Mesotidal Estuary of Argentina
Abstract Bahía Blanca Estuary is a complex network of tidal channels, extensive tidal flats, low marshes areas and islands. The lack of a large source of sediments either from river or the shelfExpand
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Deep-scour holes at tidal channel junctions, Bahia Blanca Estuary, Argentina
Abstract Deep-scour holes are common features at the junction of tidal channels in the Bahia Blanca Estuary (Argentina), where both channels have similar morphodynamic characteristics. In order toExpand
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Morphodynamics and seismostratigraphy of a deep hole at tidal channel confluence
The sedimentary circulation pattern at a deep hole at a tidal channel junction in an estuary environment is examined using morphosedimentological and seismostratigraphic data. The bottom andExpand
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Sediment Transport Circulation Pattern through Mesotidal Channels System
There are three modes of sediment in motion, which are recognized as rolling and/or sliding; jumped and suspension particles motion. These particles motion include two essential sediment transportExpand
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Channel bank recession in the Bahia Blanca Estuary, Argentina
Rotational slumping structures, termed "erosion cusps" herein, are common structures on the tidal channel banks of the Bahia Blanca Estuary, Argentina. The faulting and later slumping of the materialExpand
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Late Quaternary in a South Atlantic estuarine system: Stratigraphic and paleontologic indicators of coastal evolution.
Abstract The decisive influence of Late Quaternary sea level changes on the geological evolution of the coastal plain and adjacent continental shelf around the world has long been recognized. CoastalExpand
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