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Effect of deep cryogenic treatment on the mechanical properties of tool steels
Abstract The effect of deep cryogenic treatment (−196°C) on the properties of some tool steels was studied by means of both field tests on real tools and laboratory tests. The execution of the deepExpand
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X-ray diffraction characterization of heavily deformed metallic specimens
Ordered intermetallic compound powders can be heavily deformed and disordered by ball-milling. This highly energetic deformation process introduces several kinds of defects into the powder andExpand
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Assessment of the thermal emissivity value of building materials using an infrared thermovision technique emissometer
Abstract Following international standards concerning energy performance of buildings, in absence of reliable data on the envelope characteristics, thermal transmittance of building elements shouldExpand
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Chemical and physical routes for composite materials synthesis: Ag and Ag2S nanoparticles in silica glass by sol–gel and ion implantation techniques
Two composite systems, “Ag” and “Ag–S” nanoparticles in silica films, were approached by using two different synthesis routes, namely sol–gel and ion implantation. Silica composites containingExpand
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Chemical and mechanical treatments to improve the surface properties of shape memory NiTi wires
Abstract In this paper the results of an experimental study concerning the effect of different surface treatments on NiTi shape memory alloy wires are presented. These treatments were conducted inExpand
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First evidence of heat treatment during the early Neolithic in northeastern Italy
The site of La Vela sector VII (Trentino-Alto Adige – Italy), provides one of the few complete stratigraphic sequences, ranging from the Mesolithic to the middle Neolithic, in northwestern Italy. TheExpand
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Tailored Anatase/Brookite Nanocrystalline TiO2. The Optimal Particle Features for Liquid- and Gas-Phase Photocatalytic Reactions
Anatase−brookite composite nanocrystals were synthesized successfully by a controlled sol−gel reaction followed by a prolonged hydrothermal aging or by mild calcinations (300 and 450 °C). TheExpand
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XANES analysis of dried and calcined bones.
The structure of dried and calcined bones from chicken, bovine, deer, pig, sheep and chamois was examined using X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES) spectroscopy. The oxygen K-edge absorptionExpand
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Present knowledge and perspectives on the role of copper in brake materials and related environmental issues: A critical assessment.
This critical review presents several aspects related to the use of copper as a main component in brake pads in road vehicles. The compositions of these materials are attracting increasing interestExpand
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Sol–gel synthesis and characterisation of ZnO-based nanosystems
Semiconductor nanoclusters embedded in thin coatings of transparent and homogeneous silica glasses are suitable materials for the development of optical devices. The optical properties of suchExpand
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