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Thermal conductivity of nitrogenated ultrananocrystalline diamond films on silicon
The authors report on the experimental investigation of the thermal conductivity of nitrogenated ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) films on silicon. For better accuracy, the thermal conductivityExpand
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Electron impact ionization and fragmentation of biofuels
Abstract We present in this article, a review of our recent experimental and theoretical studies published in the literature on electron impact ionization and fragmentation of the primary alcoholsExpand
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Extraordinary thermal conductivity of graphene: Possibility of thermal management applications
We review the results of our investigation of the thermal conductivity of the suspended single-layer graphene. Using an original non-contact optical technique we discovered experimentally that theExpand
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Physical and mechanical characterization of mechanically treated AlTiN coatings deposited using novel arc enhanced HIPIMS technique
This work investigates the variation in surface and sub-surface characteristics of the AlTiN coated tools in comparison to the micro abrasive blasted AlTiN coated tools. The coatings were depositedExpand
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Thermal stability analysis of the niobium made elliptical cavity for superconducting electron linac project
Design and development of injector cryomodule(ICM) for the superconducting electron linac (elinac) is going on at VECC. Injector cryomodule is meant to house one nine-cell niobium elliptical SRFExpand
Evolution of ion track morphology in a-SiNx:H by dynamic electronic energy loss.
Amorphous hydrogenated silicon nitride ($\textit{a}$-SiN$_\mathrm{\textit{x}}$:H) thin films irradiated with 100 MeV Ni$^{7+}$ results in the formation of continuous ion track structures at the lowerExpand
Flicker Noise in Quartz Crystal Resonator at 353K as a Function of Q-Factor of Overtones and Anharmonic Modes at 4K
The unclear physical origin of flicker noise in ultra-stable quartz oscillators is still limiting some practical metrological applications. In this paper, we study experimentally the possibleExpand
Lithium associated thyrotoxicosis