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The Pollen Wasps: Ecology and Natural History of the Masarinae
Wasps of the family Masarinae are sometimes called "pollen wasps" because they are the only wasps that - like bees - provision their nest cells with pollen and nectar. Numbering a little over 300Expand
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Wasps and bees in southern Africa.
In this work, the authors have compiled all that is known for southern Africa of the biology of wasps and bees, important pollinators and predators, and have shown how agricultural land use andExpand
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Pollen wasps and flowers in southern Africa.
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The use by wasps, bees and spiders of shells of Trigonephrus Pilsb. (Mollusca: Gasteropoda: Dorcasiidae) in desertic winter-rainfall areas in southern Africa
Abstract The use of snail shells in desertic areas in the winter-rainfall region of southern Africa was investigated. Principal users are: spiders constructing silk-bag nests; megachilid-bees,Expand
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Biogeography of the masarine wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Masarinae), with particular emphasis on the southern African taxa and on correlations between masarine and forage plant distributions.
Representatives of the subfamily Masarinae (Vespidae) (sensu Carpenter, 1982) occur principally in Mediterranean and temperate to hot, semi-arid to arid areas of the world. Masarines, as a group,Expand
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