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Assessment of shedding and reexpression of surface immunoglobulin and Ia-like antigen on human blood lymphocytes.
This antibody prelabeling and culture procedure provides a dependable and physiologic method of removing membrane molecules and of investigating factors which influence endogenous surface antigen expression. Expand
TLR expression and pro-inflammatory 1 cytokine production ex vivo : an innate immune-quiescence status ? 2 3
13 Pattern-recognition receptors (PRRs) are involved in direct recognition of viruses, promoting cellular 14 activation and the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. However despite the reducedExpand
Abstract A03: Immunoglobulin heavy chain usage in canine CLL
The striking breed association and restricted V gene usage suggest that certain dog breeds such as the Boxer could provide a useful model for investigation of genetic factors leading to B cell CLL in both humans and dogs. Expand