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Characteristics of an evaporating thin film in a microchannel
Abstract An evaporating meniscus in a microchannel is investigated through an augmented Young–Laplace model and the kinetic theory-based expression for mass transport across a liquid–vapor interface.Expand
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Saturated flow boiling heat transfer and pressure drop in silicon microchannel arrays
Flow boiling in arrays of parallel microchannels is investigated using a silicon test piece with imbedded discrete heat sources and integrated local temperature sensors. The microchannels consideredExpand
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Recent advances in microscale pumping technologies: a review and evaluation
Micropumping has emerged as a critical research area for many electronics and biological applications. A significant driving force underlying this research has been the integration of pumpingExpand
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An energy-based model for electrowetting-induced droplet actuation
Electrowetting (EW) induced droplet motion has been explored in the past decade in view of its promising applications in the field of microfluidics. This paper demonstrates the potential ofExpand
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The development of a bubble rising in a viscous liquid
The rise and deformation of a gas bubble in an otherwise stationary liquid contained in a closed, right vertical cylinder is investigated using a modified volume-of-fluid (VOF) method incorporatingExpand
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Bubble nucleation characteristics in pool boiling of a wetting liquid on smooth and rough surfaces
Abstract Quantitative measurements are obtained from high-speed visualizations of pool boiling at atmospheric pressure from smooth and roughened surfaces, using a perfluorinated hydrocarbon (FC-77)Expand
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Refrigerant flow boiling heat transfer in parallel microchannels as a function of local vapor quality
Abstract Flow boiling of refrigerant HFC-134a in a multi-microchannel copper cold plate evaporator is investigated. The heat transfer coefficient is measured locally for the entire range of vaporExpand
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Analysis and Optimization of the Thermal Performance of Microchannel Heat Sinks
Purpose – To provide modeling approaches of increasing levels of complexity for the analysis of convective heat transfer in microchannels which offer adequate descriptions of the thermal performance,Expand
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Low Reynolds number flow through nozzle-diffuser elements in valveless micropumps
Flow characteristics of low Reynolds number laminar flow through gradually expanding conical and planar diffusers were investigated. Such diffusers are used in valveless micropumps to effect flowExpand
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Thermal analysis of solar thermal energy storage in a molten-salt thermocline
Abstract A comprehensive, two-temperature model is developed to investigate energy storage in a molten-salt thermocline. The commercially available molten salt HITEC is considered for illustrationExpand
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