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Thermally Developing Flow and Heat Transfer in Rectangular Microchannels of Different Aspect Ratios
Laminar convective heat transfer in the entrance region of microchannels of rectangular cross-section is investigated under circumferentially uniform wall temperature and axially uniform wall heat
A composite heat transfer correlation for saturated flow boiling in small channels
Abstract Recent reviews of flow boiling heat transfer in small tubes and channels have highlighted the need for predictive correlations that are applicable over a wide range of parameters and across
Investigation of heat transfer in rectangular microchannels
An experimental investigation was conducted to explore the validity of classical correlations based on conventionalsized channels for predicting the thermal behavior in single-phase flow through
A comprehensive flow regime map for microchannel flow boiling with quantitative transition criteria
Due to the critical role of vapor confinement in establishing distinct flow and heat transfer characteristics in microchannels (as distinct from those in larger channels), the conditions under which
Investigation of Liquid Flow in Microchannels
Liquid flow in microchannels is investigated both experimentally and numerically. The experiments are carried out in microchannels with hydraulic diameters from 244 to 974 µ ma tReynolds numbers
Microchannel size effects on local flow boiling heat transfer to a dielectric fluid
Abstract Heat transfer with liquid–vapor phase change in microchannels can support very high heat fluxes for use in applications such as the thermal management of high-performance electronics.
Recent advances in microscale pumping technologies: a review and evaluation
Critical selection criteria are included for pumps and valves to aid in determining the pumping mechanism that is most appropriate for a given application and important limitations or incompatibilities are addressed.
Confined and Submerged Liquid Jet Impingement Heat Transfer
The local heat transfer from a small heat source to a normally impinging, axisymmetric, and submerged liquid jet, in confined and unconfined configurations, was experimentally investigated. A single
Saturated flow boiling heat transfer and pressure drop in silicon microchannel arrays
Flow boiling in arrays of parallel microchannels is investigated using a silicon test piece with imbedded discrete heat sources and integrated local temperature sensors. The microchannels considered
An energy-based model for electrowetting-induced droplet actuation
Electrowetting (EW) induced droplet motion has been explored in the past decade in view of its promising applications in the field of microfluidics. This paper demonstrates the potential of