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Individual differences in sociosexuality: evidence for convergent and discriminant validity.
Individual differences in willingness to engage in uncommitted sexual relations were investigated in 6 studies and it was demonstrated that the SOI correlates negligibly with measures of sexual satisfaction, anxiety, and guilt. Expand
The evolution of human mating: Trade-offs and strategic pluralism
During human evolutionary history, there were “trade-offs” between expending time and energy on child-rearing and mating, so both men and women evolved conditional mating strategies guided by cuesExpand
The evolution of human sexuality.
The study of human sexuality from the darwinian perspective is in an explosive phase, and recent research reveals that the sexual selection that designed human secondary sexual traits was functional rather than strictly fisherian. Expand
On the nature of self-monitoring: matters of assessment, matters of validity.
An examination of reanalyses of studies of self-monitoring, analyses of the internal structure of the Self-Monitoring Scale, and further relevant data suggest that the measure does tap a meaningful and interpretable causal variable with pervasive influences on social behavior, a variable reflected as a general self- monitoring factor. Expand
Self-monitoring: appraisal and reappraisal.
A quantitative method is proposed to examine the self-monitoring literature and thereby address major issues of the controversy and reveals that a wide range of external criteria tap a dimension directly measured by the Self-Monitoring Scale. Expand
Facial attractiveness
This review examines the three major lines of research that have been pursued in order to answer the question of whether attractiveness reflects non-obvious indicators of phenotypic condition and examines studies that have examined facial symmetry, averageness, and secondary sex characteristics as hormone markers. Expand
Conditional expression of women's desires and men's mate guarding across the ovulatory cycle
These findings demonstrate ovulation-contingent shifts in desires and behaviors that are sensitive to varying fitness payoffs, and they provide support for the good genes hypothesis of human female extra-pair mating. Expand
Life History Theory and Evolutionary Psychology
In this chapter we present an overview of life history theory and review its main psychological applications. We first discuss basic trade-offs in life history allocations and introduce the conceptExpand
Facial sexual dimorphism, developmental stability, and susceptibility to disease in men and women
Abstract We investigated aspects of self-reported health history–the number and duration of respiratory and stomach or intestinal infections and the number of uses of antibiotics over the last 3Expand
"To Carve Nature at Its Joints": On the Existence of Discrete Classes in Personality
In principle, units of personality may be of two varieties: dimensional variables, which involve continuously distributed differences in degree, and class variables, which involve discretelyExpand