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Phylogenetic relationships of deep-sea Bathymodiolus mussels to their mytilid relatives from sunken whale carcasses and wood
This paper aims to demonstrate the efforts towards in-situ applicability of EMMARM, as to provide real-time information about the response of the immune system to infectious disease.
On the role of abiogenic factors in the bioaccumulation of heavy metals by the hydrothermal fauna of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
The distributions of Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Ni, Co, Cr, Pb, As, Ag, Cd, Se, Sb, and Hg in 128 samples of tissues of the organisms that inhabit hydrothermal vent fields of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Menez Gwen,
A new vestimentiferan (Pogonophora: Obturata) from hydrothermal vent fields in the Manus Back-arc Basin (Bismarck Sea, Papua New Guinea, Southwest Pacific Ocean)
The vestimentiferan tube worms of the Manus Basin have a narrow obturaculum with a small, smooth apex, a basibranchial blood supply to the pinnulate filaments, and no outer sheath lamellae.
Macrobenthos of Yenisei Bay and the adjacent Kara Sea shelf
A consecutive replacement of benthic communities is observed when going to the north from the Ob and Yenisei estuaries to the open parts of the sea, and some brackish-water species were replaced by related euryhaline species when salinity increased.
Geochemistry of the Snake Pit vent field and its implications for vent and non-vent fauna
  • S. Sudarikov, S. Galkin
  • Geology, Environmental Science
    Geological Society, London, Special Publications
  • 1995
Abstract Observations made during a cruise of the R/V Professor Logachev at the Snake Pit hydrothermal vent field provide a large database with which to examine the relationships between the