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Native or Exotic? Double or Single? Evaluating Plants for Pollinator-friendly Gardens.
In all British species studied, the corolla was deep enough for the relatively long-tongued bumblebee Bombus pascuorum, but the shallower flowers of Lythrum salicaria were also much visited by shorter-tonga bees and hoverflies, as well as by butterflies. Expand
Thismia nigricoronata , a new species of Burmanniaceae (Thismieae, Dioscoreales) from Vang Vieng, Vientiane Province, Laos, and a key to subgeneric classification
Both morphological and phylogenetic analyses indicate that this new Lao endemic is allied to T. taiwanensis in section Glaziocharis, and it can be differentiated on the basis of its longer vestigial stem leaves, reflexed free outer perianth lobes and ornamented, vibrantly coloured outer surface of theperianth tube. Expand
A review of the trade in orchids and its implications for conservation
The first overview of commercial orchid trade globally is provided and the main types that involve wild-collected plants are highlighted, including the associated legal–regulatory context and key conservation challenges. Expand
Seed Plant Endemism on Hainan Island: A Framework for Conservation Actions
It is argued that the low levels of endemism reflect the continental nature of Hainan and the fact that several areas of the island have not been fully inventoried, and should focus on developing a red-list that assesses all 397 endemic species. Expand
Bulbophyllum jingdongense (Orchidaceae), a new species in the Cirrhopetalum alliance from South China and Laos
A new species from South China and Laos belonging to the Cirrhopetalum alliance (Orchidaceae), it is morphologically distinct from all other known species in the alliance on account of the following diagnostic characters. Expand
Taxonomic Notes on Didymoplexiella siamensis and Gastrodia peichatieniana, Two Fully Mycoheterotrophic Orchids New to the Flora of Hong Kong
The ephemeral, leafless orchids Didymoplexiella siamensis and Gastrodia peichatieniana are newly recorded from Hong Kong and global conservation assessments are presented for these hitherto poorly known species. Expand
Autogamous seed set in a critically endangered orchid in Japan: pollination studies for the conservation of Nervilia nipponica
  • S. Gale
  • Biology
  • Plant Systematics and Evolution
  • 8 August 2007
Investigation of the pollination biology of the critically endangered Nervilia nipponica revealed that, in open-pollinated plants, pollen grains germinate within the anther on the first day of anthesis, and that fertilisation occurs within the following 96 hours, suggesting efficient, non-mechanical autopollination. Expand
The rare terrestrial orchid Nervilia nipponica consistently associates with a single group of novel mycobionts
Findings suggest that a group of novel Agaricomycete fungi constitutes the dominant mycobiont of N. nipponica. Expand
Endemic Seed Plant Species from Hainan Island: A Checklist
The endemic seed plants of Hainan Island are enumerated by consulting several bibliographic/taxonomic data base resources, relevant taxonomic treatments and floras, and plant taxonomists who are actively working with Chinese plants. Expand
Integrative analyses of Nervilia (Orchidaceae) section Linervia reveal further undescribed cryptic diversity in Thailand
An integrative approach to species delimitation validates ostensibly minor morphological differences as a basis for differentiating species within the Nervilia adolphi/punctata species alliance, paving the way for a global analysis of species boundaries throughout the genus as a whole. Expand