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Effective Microorganisms (EM) Technology for Water Quality Restoration and Potential for Sustainable Water Resources and Management
Water quality has received considerable attention in allocation processes for maximizing the satisfaction of various sectors. However, pollutant impurities that impede adequate supply of water have aExpand
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Population structure and regeneration patterns of tree species in climate-sensitive subalpine forests of Indian western Himalaya
The population structure of tree species has been explored in order to elucidate regeneration potential of the subalpine forests of Indian western Himalaya. For this study, the subalpine forest areaExpand
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Forest vegetation patterns along an altitudinal gradient in sub-alpine zone of west Himalaya, India
The present study describes vegetation diversity along an altitudinal gradient in three sites of sub-alpine forests. The altitude of the study sites ranged from 2800 - 3600 m asl and represented aExpand
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Power Quality Improvements in Isolated Twelve-Pulse AC-DC Converters Using Delta/Double-Polygon Transformer
This paper presents twelve-pulse AC-DC converters for constant current applications. Expand
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Design and Development of a 36-Pulse AC-DC Converter for Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive
  • B. Singh, S. Gairola
  • Engineering
  • 7th International Conference on Power Electronics…
  • 1 November 2007
In this paper, an autotransformer based 36-pulse AC-DC converter fed vector controlled induction motor drives (VCIMD's) is presented for reduction of harmonic-currents. A 36-pulse converter isExpand
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Nature and causes of land degradation and desertification in Libya: Need for sustainable land management
In this article, the characteristics of desertification, causative factors and efforts to combat desertification in Libya are presented. Also, the need to mainstream sustainable land management intoExpand
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Pulse multiplication in AC-DC converters for harmonic mitigation in vector-controlled induction motor drives
In this paper, an autotransformer with reduced kilovoltampere rating for 24-pulse ac-dc converter fed vector controlled induction motor drives (VCIMDs) is presented for harmonic current reduction.Expand
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A 40-Pulse AC--DC Converter Fed Vector-Controlled Induction Motor Drive
In this paper, a novel autotransformer for a 40-pulse ac-dc converter configuration is designed, modeled, simulated, and implemented to feed vector-controlled induction motor drive (VCIMD). TheExpand
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High-resolution satellite remote sensing: a new frontier for biodiversity exploration in Indian Himalayan forests
Satellite imagery with fine spectral and spatial resolution and high temporal resolution provides a unique opportunity to map and monitor biodiversity. The aim of this article is (i) to review theExpand
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