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Socioeconomic inequalities in mortality among elderly people in 11 European populations
Study objective: To describe mortality inequalities related to education and housing tenure in 11 European populations and to describe the age pattern of relative and absolute socioeconomicExpand
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Adult Migrant Mortality Advantage in Belgium: Evidence Using Census and Register Data
Des etudes conduites dans plusieurs pays ont montre que les populations immigrees adultes tendent a avoir une mortalite plus faible que la population du pays d’accueil, malgre une situationExpand
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Education level inequalities and transportation injury mortality in the middle aged and elderly in European settings
Objective: To study the differential distribution of transportation injury mortality by educational level in nine European settings, among people older than 30 years, during the 1990s. Methods:Expand
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Inequalities in lung cancer mortality by the educational level in 10 European populations.
Previous studies have shown that due to differences in the progression of the smoking epidemic European countries differ in the direction and size of socioeconomic variations in smoking prevalence.Expand
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The 1991–2004 Evolution in Life Expectancy by Educational Level in Belgium Based on Linked Census and Population Register Data
The aim of this study is to determine trends in life expectancy by educational level in Belgium and to present elements of interpretation for the observed evolution. The analysis is based on censusExpand
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Marriages and Fertility among Turkish and Moroccan Women in Belgium: Results from Census Data
The patterns of family formation and fertility behavior of Turkish and Moroccan women in Belgium are changing rapidly. The census data (1991) indicate a fertility decline. The reasons are changes inExpand
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Socioeconomic status and ischaemic heart disease mortality in 10 western European populations during the 1990s
Objective: To assess the association between socioeconomic status and ischaemic heart disease (IHD) mortality in 10 western European populations during the 1990s. Design: Longitudinal study. Setting:Expand
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The contribution of specific diseases to educational disparities in disability-free life expectancy.
OBJECTIVES We examined the contribution that specific diseases, as causes of both death and disability, make to educational disparities in disability-free life expectancy (DFLE). METHODS We usedExpand
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Socio-economic inequalities in health expectancy in Belgium.
Various international studies have demonstrated socio-economic differences in health. Linking the 1991 Census to the National Register and using the Health Interview Survey 1997 has enabledExpand
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Differences in health expectancy indicators in Belgium by region
Objective: The purpose of the paper is to compare the health status of the population of the Flemish and the Walloon Region of Belgium using a set of health expectancy indicators: the Healthy LifeExpand
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