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An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change.
This study develops an evolutionary theory of the capabilities and behavior of business firms operating in a market environment. It includes both general discussion and the manipulation of specificExpand
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Special Issue: Knowledge, Knowing, and Organizations: Deliberate Learning and the Evolution of Dynamic Capabilities
This paper investigates the mechanisms through which organizations develop dynamic capabilities, defined as routinized activities directed to the development and adaptation of operating routines. ItExpand
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On the Sources and Significance of Interindustry Differences in Technological Opportunities
The set of technological opportunities in a given industry is one of the fundamental determinants of technical advance in that line of business. We examine the concept of technological opportunityExpand
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Understanding corporate coherence: Theory and evidence
Abstract Multiproduct firms are perceived to be coherent in their scope, yet there is no strong theoretical foundations to explain coherence in modern industrial organization theory. This paper showsExpand
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Perspectives on the productivity dilemma
Editor’s note The authors of this paper presented an All-academy session at the 2008 Academy of Management annual meeting in Anaheim, California. We were excited by the dynamic nature of the debateExpand
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A General Interindustry Relatedness Index
For empirical work in the resource-based view of the firm, characterizing the resources that are responsible for firm growth is difficult because valuable resources are often tacit, ambiguous, orExpand
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The Value of Moderate Obsession: Insights from a New Model of Organizational Search
This study presents a new model of search on a rugged landscape, which employs modeling techniques from fractal geometry rather than the now-familiar NK modeling technique. In our simulations,firmsExpand
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Decision Making and Problem Solving
The MS/OR community has, as its common mission, the development of tools and procedures to improve problem solving and decision making. This report discusses the advances needed to combine humanExpand
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Capabilities: Structure, Agency, and Evolution
This paper examines conceptual issues and reviews empirical results bearing on the relationship between research approaches emphasizing organizational capabilities and those based in transaction costExpand
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