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Fishery, biology and stock assessment of carangid resources from the Indian seas
Carangus and leptolepis along Tamil Nadu coast are being exploited expending much more effort than required to realize maximum sustainable yield (MSY), but D. russelli along east and southwest coasts and A. djedaba along the Kerala coast can beexploited with increased effort of trawl net to enhance their production to MSY level.
Stock assessment of sciaenid resources of India
The catches of Jew fishes decreased from 1979 10 1980 and later increased in stages fwm 1981 to 1984, 1985 to 87 and 1988 to 89. Gujarat and Maharashtnl together contributed 52% oftota! sciacoid
Some aspects of biology of four species of rays offMumbai water
Females in Dasyatis sephen, D. uarnak and Gymnura micrura and males in Trygon walga are dominant in the fishery of rays. Females attain larger length than males. Breeding in D.sephen, T. walga and
Investigations on fishery and biology of nine species of rays in Mumbai waters
It appears that the resource of rays off Mumbai may not be able to withstand any further increase in fishing effort, and conservation measures are required to protect this resource from further depletion.
Observations on the biology of Nemipterus japonicus (Bloch) from Veraval
In general, feeding intensity appeared to increase from September to May, and this species is a carnivore, feeding mainly on crustaceans, teleosts, annelids, molluscs and echinoderms.
Elasmobranch fisheries of India - An appraisal
Elasmobranchs comprising sharks, skates, guitarfishes and rays have attracted increased attention in recent years both from research and conservation points of view. The Central Marine Fisheries
Estimates of growth, mortality, recruitment pattern and MSY of important resources from the Maharashtra coast
Based on the data collected from the year 1987 - 1991 the growth, mortality and recruitment pattern of eighteen species of fish, two species of cephalopods and four species of penaeid prawns have been presented and it is indicated that higher yield can be obtained by increasing the effort.
Some aspects of biology of catfishes Tachysurus caelatus (Valenciennes) and Osteogeneiosus militaris (Linnaeus) from Mumbai
The results of investigations on some aspects of the biology of Tachysurus caelatus and Osteogeneiosus militaris are presented. The fishes fed on crustaceans followed by fishes, molluscs and
Atlas on the Elasmobranch fishery resources of India
The elasmobranchs represented by sharks, skates (sawfishes,guitar fishes) and rays are an important group of demersal fishes which are exploited for multifarious uses of their various body parts
Lizardfishes, Pomfrets and Bullseye
Lizardfishes (Family: Synodontidae) constitute an important component of the demersal fish resources of India and their fishery, biology and utilisation is fractional.