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YAP is essential for tissue tension to ensure vertebrate 3D body shape
Vertebrates have a unique 3D body shape in which correct tissue and organ shape and alignment are essential for function. For example, vision requires the lens to be centred in the eye cup which mustExpand
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The Physical Basis of Coordinated Tissue Spreading in Zebrafish Gastrulation
Summary Embryo morphogenesis relies on highly coordinated movements of different tissues. However, remarkably little is known about how tissues coordinate their movements to shape the embryo. InExpand
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Interstitial fluid osmolarity modulates the action of differential tissue surface tension in progenitor cell segregation during gastrulation
The segregation of different cell types into distinct tissues is a fundamental process in metazoan development. Differences in cell adhesion and cortex tension are commonly thought to drive cellExpand
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An Effective Feedback Loop between Cell-Cell Contact Duration and Morphogen Signaling Determines Cell Fate.
Cell-cell contact formation constitutes an essential step in evolution, leading to the differentiation of specialized cell types. However, remarkably little is known about whether and how theExpand
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Drosophila TNF Modulates Tissue Tension in the Embryo to Facilitate Macrophage Invasive Migration.
Migrating cells penetrate tissue barriers during development, inflammatory responses, and tumor metastasis. We study if migration in vivo in such three-dimensionally confined environments requiresExpand
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Real-time Analysis of Auxin Response, Cell Wall pH and Elongation in Arabidopsis thaliana Hypocotyls
The rapid auxin-triggered growth of the Arabidopsis hypocotyls involves the nuclear TIR1/AFB-Aux/IAA signaling and is accompanied by acidification of the apoplast and cell walls (Fendrych et al.,Expand
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Tension-dependent stabilization of E-cadherin limits cell-cell contact expansion
Tension of the actomyosin cell cortex plays a key role in determining cell-cell contact growth and size. The level of cortical tension outside of the cell-cell contact, when pulling at the contactExpand