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Total synthesis of RK-397.
An enantioselective synthesis of the polyene macrolide RK-397 is described. The use of the same eight-carbon building block twice for the construction of the polyol chain allowed for a highlyExpand
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Stereoselective conjugate addition reactions using in situ metallated terminal alkynes and the development of novel chiral P,N-ligands
In this account, new methods for the catalytic and stereoselective conjugate addition of terminal alkynes are described. Our laboratories have disclosed asymmetric addition reactions to aldehydes a...
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Diastereoselective Aldol Addition Reactions of a Chiral Methyl Ketone Trichlorosilyl Enolate under Lewis Base Catalysis
The trichlorosilyl enolate of a chiral methyl ketone bearing an oxygen substituent (OTBS) on the β-position undergoes highly diastereoselective aldol addition to a variety of achiral aldehydes inExpand
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Lewis base catalyzed aldol additions of chiral trichlorosilyl enolates and silyl enol ethers.
[structures: see text] The consequences of double diastereodifferentiation in chiral Lewis base catalyzed aldol additions using chiral enoxysilanes derived from lactate, 3-hydroxyisobutyrate, andExpand
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The effects of a remote stereogenic center in the Lewis base catalyzed aldol additions of chiral trichlorosilyl enolates.
Chiral trichlorosilyl enolates bearing a remote stereogenic center were employed in the phosphoramide-catalyzed aldol reaction. The additions of the methyl ketone enolates proceeded with onlyExpand
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Anthraquinones from Neonauclea calycina and their inhibitory activity against DNA topoisomerase II.
In a series of searches for DNA topoisomerase II inhibitors from naturally occurring compounds, a wood extract of Neonauclea calycina MERR. (Rubiaceae) showed a moderate effect in vitro. PurificationExpand
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Diastereoselective aldol additions of chiral beta-hydroxy ethyl ketone enolates catalyzed by Lewis bases.
The trichlorosilyl enolates derived from chiral ethyl ketones bearing a beta-hydroxyl group and an alpha-stereogenic center were employed in the phosphoramide-catalyzed aldol reaction. The additionExpand
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Enantio- and meso-oligodeoxyribonucleotides.
As sugar-modified oligodeoxyribonucleotides, L-homooligomers (L-dA12 and L-dT12) and a L/D-alternative oligomer ((L-dA-D-dA)6) were synthesized. These oligomers were quite resistant towardsExpand
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