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Regional Unconformities and Depositional Cycles, Cretaceous of the Arabian Peninsula
Three regional unconformities are recognized during stratigraphic studies of Cretaceous sedimentary rocks of the Arabian Peninsula. The Cretaceous sequence can be divided into early (NeocomianExpand
Oligocene Reef Coral Biofacies of the Vicentin Northeast Italy
Outcrops of Oligocene reef facies strata in the Vicentin area of northeastern Italy are well known because of the extensive collections of fossil reef corals that have been made from them This paperExpand
Middle Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoirs, Fahud Field and Northwestern Oman
Reservoir facies in Fahud field and throughout northwestern Oman are in shallow-shelf carbonates of the middle Cretaceous Mishrif and Mauddud Formations. Interparticle porosity formed in the MishrifExpand
Oligocene Reef Community Succession, Damon Mound, Texas
ABSTRACT Damon Mound is the surface expression of an underlying shallow salt dome. Quarrying operations have exposed a fault-bounded block which had been diapirically uplifted about 1000 m to theExpand
Evaluation of a kicking technique for sampling stream bottom fauna
A square-framed, conical net (300-μ pores) was used in the kicking technique described herein for sampling the larger invertebrates of stony streams. Small samples have consistent percentageExpand
A review of the sustainable value of effluents and sludges from wastewater stabilization ponds
Abstract Sludges and liquids from wastewater stabilization ponds are cost effective by-products useful for agriculture, aquaculture and for manufacturing building materials. They represent valuableExpand
A review of the control of biological waste treatment in stabilization ponds
Information used for managing the ponds provides a potential database for integration of pond systems with membrane filter systems and future initiatives necessary to ensure clean water sufficiency. Expand
Patch-Reef Communities and Succession in the Oligocene of Antigua, West Indies
The carbonate rocks of the Antigua Formation have been regarded as the reference series for the marine Oligocene of the Western Hemisphere since the pioneering work on Antigua (Fig. 1) by VaughanExpand
Notes on Trichomycetes (Harpellales: Harpellaceae and Genistellaceae) in larval blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) from Newfoundland
Two new blackfly species are recorded from blackfly larvae in Newfoundland and the former species compares closely with material described from France. Expand