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Signatures of Majorana Fermions in Hybrid Superconductor-Semiconductor Nanowire Devices
Majoranas Arrive When a negatively charged electron meets a positron—its positively charged antiparticle—they annihilate each other in a flash of gamma rays. A Majorana fermion, on the other hand, isExpand
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Spin–orbit qubit in a semiconductor nanowire
Motion of electrons can influence their spins through a fundamental effect called spin–orbit interaction. This interaction provides a way to control spins electrically and thus lies at the foundationExpand
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New perspectives for Rashba spin-orbit coupling.
In 1984, Bychkov and Rashba introduced a simple form of spin-orbit coupling to explain the peculiarities of electron spin resonance in two-dimensional semiconductors. Over the past 30 years, RashbaExpand
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Experimental phase diagram of zero-bias conductance peaks in superconductor/semiconductor nanowire devices
Map to Majorana fermions in nanowires is revealed. Topological superconductivity is an exotic state of matter characterized by spinless p-wave Cooper pairing of electrons and by Majorana zero modesExpand
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Spectroscopy of spin-orbit quantum bits in indium antimonide nanowires.
A double quantum dot in the few-electron regime is achieved using local gating in an InSb nanowire. The spectrum of two-electron eigenstates is investigated using electric dipole spin resonance.Expand
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Ballistic spin resonance
The phenomenon of spin resonance has had far-reaching influence since its discovery 70 years ago. Electron spin resonance driven by high-frequency magnetic fields has enhanced our understanding ofExpand
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Zero-bias anomaly of quantum point contacts in the low-conductance limit
Most quantum point contacts (QPCs) fabricated in high-mobility 2D electron gases show a zero-bias conductance peak near pinchoff, but the origin of this peak remains a mystery. Previous experimentsExpand
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Kinetics of 'blue' flames in the gas-phase oxidation and combustion of hydrocarbons and their derivatives
Experimental and calculated data on the kinetics of 'blue' flame observed in the gas-phase oxidation and combustion of hydrocarbons and their derivatives are considered. It is shown that blue flamesExpand
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Three-dimensional numerical simulation of the operation of a rotating-detonation chamber with separate supply of fuel and oxidizer
A three-dimensional numerical simulation of the operation of an annular rotating-detonation chamber (RDC) with separate supply of combustible mixture components, hydrogen and air, is performed, andExpand
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