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Eccentric planets and stellar evolution as a cause of polluted white dwarfs
A significant fraction of white dwarfs (WDs) are observed to be polluted with metals despite high surface gravities and short settling times. The current theoretical model for this pollution isExpand
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The Effect of Stellar Evolution on Migrating Warm Jupiters
Warm jupiters are an unexpected population of extrasolar planets that are too near to their host to have formed in situ, but distant enough to retain a significant eccentricity in the face of tidalExpand
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Eccentric Planets around Evolved Stars
Planets are now known to be near ubiquitous around main-sequence stars in our galaxy, as evidenced by the results of radial velocity and transit surveys such as the Kepler mission. In spite of thisExpand
Coronal Radiation Belts
The magnetic field of the solar corona has a large-scale dipole character, which maps into the bipolar field in the solar wind. Using standard representations of the coronal field, we show thatExpand
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Solar Trapped Particles