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The Roman Invasion of A.D. 43
Dio provides the only surviving coherent account of the Roman invasion of Britain. Modern attempts to investigate the sources of his History have raised doubts about the reliability of certainExpand
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The Ravenna Cosmography and North Britain between the Walls
The Ravenna Cosmography and North Britain between the Walls. Sheppard Frere writes: Study of the Ravenna Cosmographer's lists of places in Britain, and their identification on the ground, are wellExpand
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The Roman Fortress at Longthorpe
The Roman military site at Longthorpe, west of Peterborough, was discovered by observation from the air in 1961: no traces now remain on the surface. Excavations between 1967 and 1973 have shown thatExpand
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The Forum and Baths at Caistor by Norwich
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A Limitatio of Icenian Territory?
We then proceed to Leviodanum, perhaps on the coast. Poreoclassis/Horrea is evidently Carpow, and Levioxava, if not a doublet, a fort between Carpow and the main road north at Cerma. Then: Cermium/Expand
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The Bignor Villa
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