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Extinction risk and conservation of the world’s sharks and rays
The rapid expansion of human activities threatens ocean-wide biodiversity. Numerous marine animal populations have declined, yet it remains unclear whether these trends are symptomatic of a chronicExpand
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Distinct Roles of GIGANTEA in Promoting Flowering and Regulating Circadian Rhythms in Arabidopsis
The circadian clock acts as the timekeeping mechanism in photoperiodism. In Arabidopsis thaliana, a circadian clock–controlled flowering pathway comprising the genes GIGANTEA (GI), CONSTANS (CO), andExpand
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Whale Shark Rhincodon typus
The Whale Shark is a cosmopolitan species and is the world's largest living shark. There are two distinct subpopulations: Indo-Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. Its life history is poorly understood, butExpand
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Novel configurations of high molecular weight species of the pertussis toxin vaccine component.
Pertussis toxin (PT) is used in its formaldehyde-detoxified form in acellular pertussis vaccines for preventing whooping cough in children. The effects of formaldehyde treatment (up to 0.5% (w/v)Expand
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Monitoring of diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus toxoids by circular dichroism, fluorescence spectroscopy and size-exclusion chromatography.
A combination of spectroscopic and chromatographic methods has been used to monitor the quality and integrity of diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus toxoids (DTxd, PTxd and TTxd) which have beenExpand
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Modifications of the catalytic and binding subunits of pertussis toxin by formaldehyde: effects on toxicity and immunogenicity.
A panel of pertussis toxin (PT) preparations with varying levels of residual toxicity was prepared by treatment of native PT with formaldehyde (0-1.00% (w/v)) with the purpose of investigating theExpand
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Mass spectrometric analysis of maleimide CyDye labelled model peptides.
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Using Technology to Improve Adherence to HIV Medications in Transitional Age Youth: Research Reviewed, Methods Tried, Lessons Learned.
In transitional age youth living with HIV or AIDS, non-adherence (<80%) to anti-retroviral medication is associated with viral resistance, disease progression, and an increased risk of death. ThisExpand
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Nonradioactive oligonucleotide probe labeling.
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Corrigendum: Coherent assessments of Europe's marine fishes show regional divergence and megafauna loss
Nature Ecology & Evolution 1, 0170 (2017); published 26 May 2017; corrected 12 June 2017. In the original version of this Article, the European Commission was mistakenly included as an affiliationExpand
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