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Refraction in media with a negative refractive index.
We show that an electromagnetic (EM) wave undergoes negative refraction at the interface between a positive and negative refractive index material, the latter being a properly chosen photonic
Electromagnetic waves: Negative refraction by photonic crystals
This experimental verification of negative refraction of electromagnetic waves in a two-dimensional dielectric photonic crystal that has a periodically modulated positive permittivity and a permeability of unity is demonstrated.
Electromagnetic wave propagation in two-dimensional photonic crystals: A study of anomalous refractive effects
We systematically study a collection of refractive phenomena that can possibly occur at the interface of a two-dimensional photonic crystal with the use of the wave vector diagram formalism. Cases
Subwavelength resolution in a two-dimensional photonic-crystal-based superlens.
Single-beam negative refraction and superlensing in the valence band of a two-dimensional photonic crystal operating in the microwave regime and a subwavelength resolution for the image of two incoherent point sources is reported.
Nonresonant broadband funneling of light via ultrasubwavelength channels.
This work presents a new paradigm structure which possesses all the capabilities of extraordinary optical transmission platforms, yet operates nonresonantly on a distinctly different mechanism, and demonstrates efficient ultrabroadband funneling of optical power confined in an area as small as ∼(λ/500)(2), where optical fields are enhanced, thus exhibiting functional possibilities beyond resonant platforms.
Negative refraction and superlens behavior in a two-dimensional photonic crystal
We experimentally and theoretically studied a left-handed structure based on a photonic crystal sPCd with a negative refractive index. The structure consists of triangular array of rectangular
Negative refraction and left-handed behavior in two-dimensional photonic crystals
We systematically examine the conditions of obtaining left-handed (LH) behavior in photonic crystals. Detailed studies of the phase and group velocities as well as the phase ${n}_{p}$ and group
In- and out-of-plane propagation of electromagnetic waves in low index contrast two dimensional photonic crystals
Propagation of electromagnetic waves through a two-dimensional triangular lattice has been studied for different values of refractive index contrast between the constituent dielectrics, and for
Theoretical investigation of one-dimensional cavities in two-dimensional photonic crystals
We study numerically the features of the resonant peak of one-dimensional (1-D) dielectric cavities in a two-dimensional (2-D) hexagonal lattice. We use both the transfer matrix method and the finite
Phonon-polaritonics: enabling powerful capabilities for infrared photonics
Abstract Here, we review the progress and most recent advances in phonon-polaritonics, an emerging and growing field that has brought about a range of powerful possibilities for mid- to far-infrared