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Black students' school success: Coping with the “burden of ‘acting white’”
The authors review their previous explanation of black students' underachievement. They now suggest the importance of considering black people's expressive responses to their historical status andExpand
Racelessness as a Factor in Black Students' School Success: Pragmatic Strategy or Pyrrhic Victory?
Signithia Fordham presents an analysis of the tensions high-achieving Black students feel when they strive for academic success. Students are pulled by their dual relationships to the indigenousExpand
“Those Loud Black Girls”: (Black) Women, Silence, and Gender “Passing” in the Academy
This article explores the impact of gender diversity on school achievement. Using data obtained from an ethnographic study of academic success in an urban high school, this analysis examines how theExpand
Blacked Out: Dilemmas of Race, Identity, and Success at Capital High
Blacked Out: Dilemmas of Race, Identity, and Success at Capital High, by Signithia Fordham. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1996. 411 pp. $22.95, paper. Reviewed by Jean Harris, OlympicExpand
Beyond Capital High: On dual citizenship and the strange career of "acting White."
In this article, I reflect on the strange career of the “burden of ‘acting White’ ” since it attracted widespread popular and academic attention over 20 years ago. I begin by noting that my originalExpand
Dissin' “the Standard”: Ebonics as Guerrilla Warfare at Capital High
This article analyzes the discourse styles, including the linguistic practices, of a group of African American high school students and offers a twofold conclusion: (1) Ebonics or Black English isExpand
Passin' for Black: Race, Identity, and Bone Memory in Postracial America
Signithia Fordham challenges the notion that we are living in a "postracial" society where race is no longer a major social category, as indicated by the rising incidence of interracial relationshipsExpand