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Melting of unfixed material in spherical capsule with non-isothermal wall
Abstract Close-contact melting within a spherical capsule is investigated both numerically and analytically. A complete mathematical model is solved numerically by utilizing the boundary fixingExpand
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Analysis of diffusion in a complex environment shows that the conventional diffusion equation based on Fick's law fails to model the anomalous character of the diffusive mass trans- port observed inExpand
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Fundamentals of steady state, non-Newtonian rimming flow
Abstract Rimming flow on the inner surface of a horizontal rotating cylinder is investigated. Using a scale analysis, a theoretical description is obtained for steady-state non-Newtonian flow. SimpleExpand
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Non-Fickian mass transport in fractured porous media
Abstract The paper provides an introduction to fundamental concepts of mathematical modeling of mass transport in fractured porous heterogeneous rocks. Keeping aside many important factors that canExpand
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Application of Fractional Differential Equations for Modeling the Anomalous Diffusion of Contaminant from Fracture into Porous Rock Matrix with Bordering Alteration Zone
Solute diffusion from a fracture into a porous rock with an altered zone bordering the fracture is modeled by a system of two diffusion equations (one for the altered zone and another for the intactExpand
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The effect of non-Fickian diffusion into surrounding rocks on contaminant transport in a fractured porous aquifer
Solute transport in a fractured porous confined aquifer is modelled by using an equation with a fractional-in-time derivative of order γ, which may vary from 0 to 1. Accounting for non-FickianExpand
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Analysis of Water Injection in Fractured Reservoirs Using a Fractional-Derivative-Based Mass and Heat Transfer Model
This research proposes a numerical scheme for evaluating the effect of cold-water injection into a geothermal reservoir. A fractional heat transfer equation (fHTE) is derived based on the fractionalExpand
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Assessment of Stimulated Area Growth During High-Pressure Hydraulic Stimulation of Fractured Subsurface Reservoir
Hydraulic stimulation is performed by high-pressure fluid injection, which permanently increases the permeability of a volume of rock, typically transforming it from the microdarcy into theExpand
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Linear long wave propagation over discontinuous submerged shallow water topography
The dynamics of an isolated long wave passing over underwater obstacles are discussed in this paper within the framework of linear shallow water theory. Expand
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Steady-State Rimming Flow of the Generalized Newtonian Fluid
Rimming flow of a liquid polymer on the inner surface of a horizontal rotating cylinder is investigated. Using a scale analysis, a theoretical description for steady-state non-Newtonian flow isExpand
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