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Effects of Gall Induction by Epiblema Strenuana on Gas Exchange, Nutrients, and Energetics in Parthenium Hysterophorus
The observed effects demonstrate that E. strenuana has the potential to regulate P. hysterophorus, and gall induction reduces the leaf-water potential and reduced rates of photosynthesis, transpiration, and stomatal conductance in galled plants. Expand
Factors Affecting Seed Germination of Feather Fingergrass (Chloris virgata)
The results of this study will help to develop protocols for managing feather fingergrass, and to avoid its establishment as a troublesome weed in economically important cropping regions. Expand
Weeds in a Changing Climate: Vulnerabilities, Consequences, and Implications for Future Weed Management
This review has presented a comprehensive discussion of the recent research in this area, and has identified key deficiencies which need further research in crop-weed eco-systems to formulate suitable control measures before the real impacts of climate change set in. Expand
Evaluation of alternative approaches to rainforest restoration on abandoned pasturelands in tropical North Queensland, Australia
The results indicate that the diversity of species used in restoration had a major influence on natural recruitment in the wet tropical rainforest region of northeast Queensland, Australia. Expand
The impact of deforestation and pasture abandonment on soil properties in the wet tropics of Australia
Abstract Limited information exists on the changes in soil properties, particularly from the wet tropics of Australia, under long-term abandoned pasture, which was previously grazed and wasExpand
Restoration on abandoned tropical pasturelands—do we know enough?
There is immediate need for further research and development on restoration techniques by examining the ecological and economic effectiveness of direct seeding, stem cuttings using native pioneer or climax species and simple manipulation such as displacing branches of pioneer species with mature seeds on abandoned and degraded pasturelands and artificial perching to accelerate natural regeneration. Expand
Competition between Eucalyptus victrix seedlings and grass species
Results indicated that the resources necessary for the growth of individual E. victrix seedlings were more limiting under conditions of increased density of neighboring grass species rather than intraspecific competition. Expand
Arid land vegetation dynamics after a rare flooding event: influence of fire and grazing
Abstract Arid vegetation is subjected to more or less frequent fire, drought, and sporadic flooding events and grazing. Whilst fire, drought and grazing have been the subject of considerableExpand
Modelling the effects of water-point closure and fencing removal: a GIS approach.
It is found that the manipulation of water-points and fences in one management intervention may change grazing activity in a way different to that which would be experienced if each had been modified separately. Expand
Rainfall and grazing : Not the only barriers to arid-zone conifer recruitment
This work examined recruitment patterns of C. glaucophylla in differential grazing exclosures (excluding rabbits, excluding large herbivores or excluding both) and in unfenced areas, and found chances of recruitment appear to be enhanced in low-density stands, around large trees, and in dune blow outs. Expand