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Vertex: phytoplankton/iron studies in the Gulf of Alaska
VERTEX studies were performed in the Gulf of Alaska in order to test the hypothesis that iron deficiency was responsible for the phytoplankton's failure to remove major plant nutrients from theseExpand
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Iron deficiency limits phytoplankton growth in the north-east Pacific subarctic
An interesting oceanographic problem concerns the excess major plant nutrients (PO4, NO3, SiO3) occurring in offshore surface waters of the Antarctic1–3 and north-east Pacific subarctic Oceans4. In aExpand
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Iron in Antarctic waters
WE are testing the hypothesis that Antarctic phytoplankton suffer from iron deficiency1–3 which prevents them from blooming and using up the luxuriant supplies of major nutrients found in vast areasExpand
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Iron, primary production and carbon-nitrogen flux studies during the JGOFS North Atlantic bloom experiment
Primary production was measured every other day towards the end (18–31 May) of the 1989 North Atlantic spring bloom. Rates varied with light and averaged 90.4 mmol C m−2 day−1 at the 47°N, 20°WExpand
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The case for iron
Excess major nutrients occur in offshore areas ranging from the tropical equatorial Pacific to the polar Antarctic. In spite of the great ecological differences in these environments, the authorsExpand
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Iron deficiency limits phytoplankton growth in Antarctic waters
Enrichment experiments were performed in the Ross Sea to test the hypothesis that iron deficiency is responsible for the phytoplankton's failure to use up the luxuriant major nutrient supplies foundExpand
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Testing the iron hypothesis in ecosystems of the equatorial Pacific Ocean
The idea that iron might limit phytoplankton growth in large regions of the ocean has been tested by enriching an area of 64 km2 in the open equatorial Pacific Ocean with iron. This resulted in aExpand
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Control of community growth and export production by upwelled iron in the equatorial Pacific Ocean
THE 'iron hypothesis'1,2 states that phytoplankton growth and biomass are limited by low concentrations of available iron in large regions of the world's oceans where other plant nutrients areExpand
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Trace metal concentrations in the Ross Sea and their relationship with nutrients and phytoplankton growth
Abstract Dissolved and particulate trace metal concentrations (dissolved Fe, Zn, Cd, Co, Cu and Ni; particulate Fe, Mn and Al) were measured along two transects in the Ross Sea during austral summerExpand
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Developing standards for dissolved iron in seawater
In nearly a dozen open- ocean fertilization experiments conducted by more than 100 researchers from nearly 20 countries, adding iron at the sea surface has led to distinct increases inExpand
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