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Computer Science Education Research
A new book enPDFd computer science education research that can be a new way to explore the knowledge and get one thing to always remember in every reading time, even step by step is shown.
Making sense of card sorting data
It is concluded that even large‐scale data sets can be meaningfully analysed by combining well‐known interpretative methods with the new computational approaches presented within this special issue.
Computer Science Project Work: Principles and Pragmatics
This book discusses how to write this book, which aims to provide a framework for the development of a post-modern view of management.
What are we doing when we teach programming?
  • S. Fincher
  • Education
    FIE'99 Frontiers in Education. 29th Annual…
  • 10 November 1999
The academic discipline of computer science uniquely prepares students for future study by teaching the fundamental construct of its practice-programming- before anything else. The disciplinary
Learner-Centered Design: Reflections and New Directions
This work focuses on Bridging the Learner-Centered Conceptual Gap, a conceptual gap between Learner and Work that has emerged in the design of learner-centered software tools.
Perspectives on HCI patterns: concepts and tools
This workshop will explore a diversity of perspectives on Patterns and Patterns Languages for HCI as well as the requirements for software tools needed to improve the effectiveness of both pattern
Pedagogical patterns: their place in the genre
Some constituents of patterns and pattern languages are described and the Pedagogical Patterns endeavour against them is examined and some suggestions as to how these might be applied to pedagogical patterns are made.