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Combination of Evidence in Dempster-Shafer Theory
Dempster-Shafer theory offers an alternative to traditional probabilistic theory for the mathematical representation of uncertainty. Expand
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Constructing Probability Boxes and Dempster-Shafer Structures
This report summarizes a variety of the most useful and commonly applied methods for obtaining Dempster-Shafer structures, and their mathematical kin probability boxes, from empirical information or theoretical knowledge. Expand
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Risk assessment in conservation biology
A framework for risk assessment. A probabilistic framework. Causes of Extinction. Summary. White rhinoceros on Ndumu. Formulating a birth-and death model. Parameters and initial condition. TheExpand
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Different methods are needed to propagate ignorance and variability
There are two kinds of uncertainty. One kind arises as variability resulting from heterogeneity or stochasticity. The other arises as partial ignorance resulting from systematic measurement error orExpand
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Challenge problems: uncertainty in system response given uncertain parameters
Abstract The risk assessment community has begun to make a clear distinction between aleatory and epistemic uncertainty in theory and in practice. Expand
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Model validation and predictive capability for the thermal challenge problem
We address the thermal problem posed at the Sandia Validation Challenge Workshop. Unlike traditional approaches that confound calibration with validation and prediction, our approach strictlyExpand
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Making Consistent IUCN Classifications under Uncertainty
Abstract: The World Conservation Union (IUCN) defined a set of categories for conservation status supported by decision rules based on thresholds of parameters such as distributional range,Expand
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Experimental uncertainty estimation and statistics for data having interval uncertainty.
This report addresses the characterization of measurements that include epistemic uncertainties in the form of intervals. It reviews the application of basic descriptive statistics to data sets whichExpand
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Issues related to the detection of boundaries
Ecotones are inherent features of landscapes, transitional zones, and play more than one functional role in ecosystem dynamics. Expand
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Measuring shape variation of two-dimensional outlines
-An image-analytic technique that automatically determines the outlines for simple silhouettes is described. These outlines are numerically characterized using elliptic Fourier decomposition. SinceExpand
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