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The New York Review of Books
It comes as something ofa surprise to reflect that the New York Review ofBooks is now over twenty years old. Even people of my generation (that is, old enough to remember the revolutionary 196os butExpand
Sea Changes: British Emigration and American Literature.
Explores the influence of emigration as reflected in the British passage to America and the establishment of a new country and society, from which sprang a separate and unique "American character"Expand
American and European national identities: Faces in the mirror
Americans and European have been able to re-evaluate their national identities by looking at the mirror image of their own society across the Atlantic. Exploring the dynamics of transatlanticExpand
Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird
Nature, Class, and New Deal Literature: The Country Poor in the Great Depression
Contents List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Introduction: Pessimistic Progressives I: Climate: The myth of the Dust Bowl 1: Nature and Apocalypse: Okies and the New Deal in California 2: A TaleExpand
Plotting the Golden West: American Literature and the Rhetoric of the California Trail
List of illustrations Acknowledgements Introduction 1. The West and the man of letters: confidence and anxiety 2. Fremont and the humble bee 3. The forty-niners: the stylistic pathology of theExpand
The West as test