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Aquatic insects as bioindicators of trace element contamination in cobble-bottom rivers and streams
Comparisons of contamination at taxomic levels higher than species were complicated by element-specific differences in bioaccumulation among taxa, and differences appeared to be governed by biological and hydrogeochemical factors. Expand
Assessing Macroinvertebrate Biodiversity in Freshwater Ecosystems: Advances and Challenges in DNA-based Approaches
It is suggested that the development of an assay platform based on DNA signatures will increase the precision and ease of quantifying biodiversity in freshwater ecosystems and alleviate some of the current limitations to biodiversity assessment strategies. Expand
Effects of copper on species composition of benthic insects in a Sierra Nevada, California, stream
SUMMARY. 1. Effects of copper on species composition and production of benthic insects in an oligotrophic stream dosed at low concentrations (2.5-15 μg 1-1 Cur; approximately 12-75 ng 1-1 Cu2+) wereExpand
The relationships among three habitat scales and stream benthic invertebrate community structure
1. The relationships between three habitat scales and lotic invertebrate species composition were investigated for the 15 540 km2 Yakima River basin in south-central Washington, U.S.A. 2. TheExpand
Description of the mutations in 15 subjects with variant forms of maple syrup urine disease
Genotyping may be predictive of clinical severity of variant MSud phenotypes and might be of prognostic value particularly in subjects with variant MSUD identified in newborn screening in whom early treatment fortunately slows the natural course of the disease. Expand
Importance of Sediment–Water Interactions in Coeur d’Alene Lake, Idaho, USA: Management Implications
Development of water-quality models to justify remediation strategies requires consideration of contaminant flux between the water column and underlying sediment in basins that have been affected by long-term (decadal) anthropogenic activities. Expand
Benthic invertebrate distributions in the San Joaquin River, California, in relation to physical and chemical factors
The invertebrate fauna of nontidal portions of the lower San Joaquin River and its major tributaries is described in relation to water quality and habitat using canonical correspondence analysis,Expand
Composition and abundance of periphyton and aquatic insects in a Sierra Nevada, California, stream
—The species composition ofperiphyton and benthic insect communities and abundances ofcommon taxa (>0.1% of individuals) were examined during snow-free months in Convict Creek, a permanentExpand
Metal exposure in a benthic macroinvertebrate, Hydropsyche californica, related to mine drainage in the Sacramento River.
A biomonitoring technique was employed to complement studies of metal transport in the upper Sacramento River affected by acid mine drainage, indicating that bioavailable Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn was transported at least 120 km downstream of the mine sources. Expand
Extensive cryptic diversity in the cosmopolitan sludge worm Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri (Clitellata, Naididae)
The results provide clues to the future revalidation of some of the nominal species today placed in synonymy with L. hoffmeisteri and suggest that this complex contains also other species than those studied by us. Expand