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Electrostatic interactions among hydrophobic ions in lipid bilayer membranes.
We have shown that the absorption of tetraphenylborate into black lipid membranes formed from either bacterial phosphatidylethanolamine or glycerolmonooleate produces concentration-dependent changesExpand
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The Kinetics of Electron Transfer Through Ferrocene-Terminated Alkanethiol Monolayers on Gold
The kinetics of electron transfer between a substrate gold electrode and a self-assembled monolayer formed from CH{sub 3}(CH{sub 2}){sub n-1}SH and ({eta}{sup 5} C{sub 5}H{sub 5})Fe ({eta}{supExpand
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The indirect laser-induced temperature jump (ILIT) method is used to determine the acidity (pKa) of monolayers composed of 11-mercaptoundecanoic acid (MUA) self-assembled on vapor-deposited gold filmExpand
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Reinterpretation of polypyrrole electrochemistry. Consideration of capacitive currents in redox switching of conducting polymers
A simple analysis of the capacitive currents associated with the electrochemical (cyclic voltammetric) switching of a polypyrrole film between its reduced (insulating) and oxidized (electronicallyExpand
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Heterogeneous electron-transfer kinetics for ruthenium and ferrocene redox moieties through alkanethiol monolayers on gold.
The standard heterogeneous electron-transfer rate constants between substrate gold electrodes and either ferrocene or pentaaminepyridine ruthenium redox couples attached to the electrode surface byExpand
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Distance dependence of heterogeneous electron transfer through the nonadiabatic and adiabatic regimes
Abstract The Landau–Zener formalism, which is strictly valid for a two-state system, is extended to multistate systems by assuming that the electronic interaction between the redox moiety and a givenExpand
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Current Rectification at Quartz Nanopipet Electrodes
Ag/AgCl reference electrodes fabricated from pulled quartz tubes with orifice radii of 20 nm to 20 μm were characterized in KCl solutions of different concentrations by cyclic voltammetry. LinearExpand
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Rapid Electron Tunneling Through Oligophenylenevinylene Bridges
We measured rate constants of thermal, interfacial electron transfer through oligophenylenevinylene bridges between a gold electrode and a tethered redox species in contact with an aqueousExpand
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Quantized Capacitance Charging of Monolayer-Protected Au Clusters
A theoretical model based on electrostatic interactions is developed to account for the formal potentials of current peaks observed in differential pulse voltammetry of solutions of 10 differentExpand
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