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Hydrogeology of the Yucatán Peninsula.
The northern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico is a partially emergent carbonate platform with an extensive continental shelf. Mesozoicand Cenozoic-era limestone, dolomite, and anhydrite overlie deeplyExpand
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Wetland Manipulation in the Yalahau Region of the Northern Maya Lowlands
Abstract Manipulation of wetlands for agricultural purposes by the ancient Maya of southern Mexico and Central America has been a subject of much research and debate since the 1970s. Evidence forExpand
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Ancient use and manipulation of landscape in the Yalahau region of the northern Maya lowlands
The tropical lowlands of southern Mexico and Central America are composed of a complex mosaic of landscapes that presented a variety of possibilities and challenges to the subsistence practices ofExpand
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Micromorphology of a Soil Catena in Yucatán: Pedogenesis and Geomorphological Processes in a Tropical Karst Landscape
Development of the soil mantle in karst geosystems of the tropics is still poorly understood. We studied a typical soil toposequence formed over limestone in the northeastern Yucatan Peninsula ofExpand
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Tropical landscapes and the Ancient Maya: Diversity in time and space
Archaeologists have begun to understand that many of the challenges facing our technologically sophisticated, resource dependent, urban systems were also destabilizing factors in ancient complexExpand
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Adaptation Of Maya Homegardens By “Container Gardening” In Limestone Bedrock Cavities
Abstract The northern Maya Lowlands of the Yucatán Peninsula are often characterized by outside observers as a challenging environment for agriculturalists. The limestone bedrock appears to have onlyExpand
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