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Analysis of guided resonances in photonic crystal slabs
We present a three-dimensional analysis of guided resonances in photonic crystal slab structures that leads to a new understanding of the complex spectral properties of such systems. Specifically, we
Temporal coupled-mode theory for the Fano resonance in optical resonators.
A theory of the Fano resonance for optical resonators, based on a temporal coupled-mode formalism, is presented and it is shown that the coupling constants in such a theory are strongly constrained by energy-conservation and time-reversal symmetry considerations.
Guided modes in photonic crystal slabs
We analyze the properties of two-dimensionally periodic dielectric structures that have a band gap for propagation in a plane and that use index guiding to confine light in the third dimension. Such
Coupling of modes analysis of resonant channel add-drop filters
The operation principle of resonant channel add-drop filters based on degenerate symmetric and antisymmetric standing-wave modes has been described elsewhere using group theoretical arguments. In
Temporal coupled-mode theory and the presence of non-orthogonal modes in lossless multimode cavities
We develop a general temporal coupled-mode theory for multimode optical resonators. This theory incorporates a formal description of a direct transmission pathway, and is therefore capable of
Passive radiative cooling below ambient air temperature under direct sunlight
An integrated photonic solar reflector and thermal emitter consisting of seven layers of HfO2 and SiO2 that reflects 97 per cent of incident sunlight while emitting strongly and selectively in the atmospheric transparency window demonstrates that the cold darkness of the Universe can be used as a renewable thermodynamic resource, even during the hottest hours of the day.
Photonic crystals: putting a new twist on light
Photonic crystals are materials patterned with a periodicity in dielectric constant, which can create a range of 'forbidden' frequencies called a photonic bandgap. Photons with energies lying in the
Coherent photon transport from spontaneous emission in one-dimensional waveguides.
It is shown that spontaneous emission can coherently interfere with the continuum modes and gives interesting transport properties and analytical solutions are given.
Optical absorption enhancement in amorphous silicon nanowire and nanocone arrays.
The fabrication of a-Si:H nanowires and nanocones function as both absorber and antireflection layers, which offer a promising approach to enhance the solar cell energy conversion efficiency.