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Cultural Differences in User Privacy Behavior on Social Networking Sites : An Empirical Study comparing German and Swedish Facebook Users
Social Networking Sites (SNSs), such as Facebook, are becoming increasingly popular. Their worldwide accessibility is attracting billions of SNS users from all over the globe, which results in aExpand
The Cloud Marketplace : A Capability-Based Framework for Cloud Ecosystem Governance
Within the last five years, the market of cloud computing has shown rapid growth. However, despite the increasing popularity, researchers highlight numerous concerns regarding limitedExpand
If you can not be different - what differentiates you? - A Study of Value Creation in the Commodity Industry
This thesis draws attention to understand how firms in the B2B commodity industry seek to utilize value-creating activities to achieve competitive advantage, which is also the overall purpose of thExpand
Improving instruments : equatoria, astrolabes, and the practices of monastic astronomy in late medieval England
i Acknowledgements iii List of figures vii List of tables ix
Learning Medieval Astronomy through Tables: The Case of the Equatorie of the Planetis
Medieval tables can be rich sources of evidence about the practices of the mathematicians and astronomers who used them. This paper analyses an important set of tables, revealing their compiler'sExpand
José Chabás and Bernard R. Goldstein, A Survey of European Astronomical Tables in the Late Middle Ages . Leiden: Brill, 2012. Pp. xix+250. ISBN 978-90-04-23058-3. €107.00 (hardback).
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  • The British Journal for the History of Science
  • 15 August 2013
maintained. This theoretical exposition of Seneca’s serves as an explanation of the universal flood. Pasquale Rossi’s paper deals with Seneca’s study of the Nile’s flood and focuses on theExpand