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Motorcycle limb injuries in a developing country.
BACKGROUND Motorcycles have become a very popular means of transportation in Nigeria. This paper is a hospital based study of limb injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents in an urban centre inExpand
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Tracheostomy in surgical practice: experience in a Nigerian tertiary hospital.
BACKGROUND Tracheostomy continues to be a standard surgical procedure for airway management. OBJECTIVE This study was conducted to evaluate the indications, and complications associated with theExpand
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Prevalence of Hospital-Acquired Enterococci Infections in Two Primary-Care Hospitals in Osogbo, Southwestern Nigeria
Enterococci are opportunistic bacteria that become pathogenic when they colonize niches where they are not normally found. Of recent, they have become major cause of nosocomial infections, especiallyExpand
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Ureteric injuries following pelvic operations.
BACKGROUND Iatrogenic injuries to the ureter are hazardous complications of pelvic operations, causing severe morbidity and even mortality. OBJECTIVE To present our 10 years experience in theExpand
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Female genital mutilation: an analysis of 522 cases in South-Western Nigeria
This study was conducted at three teaching hospitals in South-Western Nigeria. Paturients were examined to find out if they had had female genital mutilation. Those who did were given aExpand
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Prevalence of Syphilis among Pregnant Women in Two Health Care Facilities in South Western Nigeria
Aims: The prevalence of syphilis has been reported to be on the increase worldwide as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Maternal syphilis puts the fetus at risk of congenital syphilis with theExpand
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Generalised Burkitt's lymphoma involving both breasts--a case report.
BACKGROUND Burkitt's lymphoma is a disease of children age ranging 8-10 years. Lymphoma involving the breast is an unusual clinical entity, which is rarely distinguished preoperatively from otherExpand
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Cryptorchidism in a local population in Nigeria.
OBJECTIVE To screen for undescended testis, retractile testis and other anomaly of the external genitalia in randomly selected Nursery/Primary schools in Osogbo, Nigeria. DESIGN A prospective studyExpand
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Identification of ASAH1 as a susceptibility gene for familial keloids.
Keloids result from abnormal proliferative scar formation with scar tissue expanding beyond the margin of the original wound and are mostly found in individuals of sub-Saharan African descent. TheExpand
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Knowledge, attitudes and practices of the educated and non-educated women to cancer of the breast in semi-urban and rural areas of SouthWest, Nigeria.
OBJECTIVES That women with cancer of the breast seek medical help late is a common occurrence in developing countries. We decided to see if education and environment play any role in this and inExpand
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