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PArthENoPE: Public algorithm evaluating the nucleosynthesis of primordial elements
A program for computing the abundances of light elements produced during Big Bang Nucleosynthesis which is publicly available at http://parthenope.na.it/ solves the set of coupled ordinary differential equations, follows the departure from chemical equilibrium of nuclear species, and determines their asymptotic abundances. Expand
Majorana solution of the Thomas–Fermi equation
We report on an original method, due to Majorana, that leads to a semi-analytical series solution of the Thomas–Fermi equation with appropriate boundary conditions in terms of only one quadrature. WeExpand
Nuclear reaction network for primordial nucleosynthesis: a detailed analysis of rates, uncertainties and light nuclei yields
We analyse in detail the standard primordial nucleosynthesis scenario. In particular, we discuss the key theoretical issues which are involved in a detailed prediction of light nuclide abundances,Expand
Early universe constraints on a time varying fine structure constant
Higher-dimensional theories have the remarkable feature of predicting a time (and hence redshift) dependence of the `fundamental' four dimensional constants on cosmological timescales. In this paperExpand
Covariant Majorana Formulation of Electrodynamics
We construct an explicit covariant Majorana formulation of Maxwell electromagnetism which does not make use of vector 4-potential. This allows us to write a “Dirac” equation for the photon containingExpand
The standard and degenerate primordial nucleosynthesis versus recent experimental data
We report the results on Big Bang Nucleosynthesis (BBN) based on an updated code, with accuracy of the order of 0.1 % on 4He abundance, compared with the predictions of other recent similar analysis.Expand
Ettore Majorana : notes on theoretical physics
Volumetto I.- Volumetto II.- Volumetto III.- Volumetto IV.- Volumetto V.- Selected facsimile pages.
On the Role of Spin in Quantum Mechanics
From the invariance properties of the Schrödinger equation and the isotropy of space we show that a generic (non-relativistic) quantum system is endowed with an “external” motion, which can beExpand
Big bang nucleosynthesis: an accurate determination of light element yields
Abstract We report the results of a new accurate evaluation of light nuclei yields in primordial nucleosynthesis. All radiative effects, finite nucleon mass, thermal and plasma corrections areExpand
Multibarrier tunneling.
  • S. Esposito
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 2 September 2002
A thorough analysis of the role played by interbarrier multiple reflections and a physical interpretation of the results obtained are reported, showing that multibarrier tunneling is a highly nonlocal phenomenon. Expand