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Meta-Analysis of Genome-Wide Scans for Human Adult Stature Identifies Novel Loci and Associations with Measures of Skeletal Frame Size
Recent genome-wide (GW) scans have identified several independent loci affecting human stature, but their contribution through the different skeletal components of height is still poorly understood.Expand
Quantitative genetic study of head size related phenotypes in ethnically homogeneous Chuvasha pedigrees
Background: It is well established that genetic factors contribute significantly to the determination of head size and shape traits variability. However, the controversies in views and findings withExpand
Family-based study of association between ENPP1 genetic variants and craniofacial morphology
Background: Human craniofacial morphology is characterized by considerable diversity among individuals. The ENPP1 gene is essential for bone physiology. However, the potential effects of its geneticExpand
Genetic Determination of Head-Size-Related Anthropometric Traits in an Ethnically Homogeneous Sample of 373 Indian Pedigrees of West Bengal
ABSTRACT The substantial involvement of genetic factors in the determination of head-size and head-shape traits has been firmly established. However, there has been a lack of agreement on a number ofExpand
Evidence that bone mineral density plays a role in degenerative disc disease: the UK Twin Spine Study
Objective Osteoarthritis (OA) and osteoporosis are often considered to lie at opposite ends of a spectrum of bone phenotypes. Lumbar degenerative disc disease (LDD) may be associated with low backExpand
Morphological and biochemical features of obesity are associated with mineralization genes’ polymorphisms
Background:Ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase 1 (ENPP1) was recently extensively studied as a candidate gene for obesity phenotypes. As the human homologue of the mouse progressiveExpand
Family-based association study of ROR2 polymorphisms with an array of radiographic hand bone strength phenotypes
SummaryFor the first time the study provides evidence of association of radiographic hand bone length (BL) and bone mineral density (BMD) with polymorphisms in ROR2 gene that plays important role inExpand
Association of ALPL and ENPP1 gene polymorphisms with bone strength related skeletal traits in a Chuvashian population.
Mineralization of the extracellular matrix of bone is an essential element of bone development, maintenance and repair. ALPL and ENPP1 genes and their products are known to be central in localExpand
Strong association between polymorphisms in ANKH locus and skeletal size traits
Loss of bone strength is the main determinant of bone fragility. Bone strength is directly dependent on bone size (BS). A substantial portion of BS variation is attributable to genetic effects.Expand
Variation in femoral length is associated with polymorphisms in RUNX2 gene.
INTRODUCTION Bone size is an important determinant of bone strength. Although it is well established that bone size traits are under the strong genetic control, genes involved in their determinationExpand