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Influence of Diet On the Distribtion of Nitrogen Isotopes in Animals
The influence of diet on the distribution of nitrogen isotopes in animals was investigated by analyzing animals grown in the laboratory on diets of constant nitrogen isotopic composition. TheExpand
The relationship between temperature and O^(18) content relative to that for a Cretaceous belemnite of the Pee Dee formation previously reported (Epstein, Buchsbaum, Lowenstam, and Urey, 1951) hasExpand
Variation of O18 content of waters from natural sources
A number of marine water and fresh water samples were examined for the relative O18O16 ratio, and the variation of this ratio was determined to a precision of ± 0.1%. In the case of surface marineExpand
Two Categories of 13C/12C Ratios for Higher Plants
δ 13C/12C ratios have been determined for plant tissue from 104 species representing 60 families and photosynthetic fractionation leading to such values is discussed. Expand
Mechanism of carbon isotope fractionation associated with lipid synthesis.
In vitro analysis of the kinetic isotope effects of this reaction indicates that there will be a large, temperature-dependent difference in the carbon-13/carbon-12 ratio between the methyl and carbonyl carbon atoms of acetyl coenzyme A and between thosecarbon atoms of lipid components which derive from them. Expand
Hydrogen isotope fractionation between OH-bearing minerals and water
Hydrogen isotope fractionation factors between hydroxyl-bearing minerals and water were determined at temperatures ranging between 400 and 850°C. The hydrogen isotope exchange rates for theExpand
Measurement of water in rhyolitic glasses; calibration of an infrared spectroscopic technique
A series of natural rhyolitic obsidians were analyzed for their total water contents by a vacuum extraction technique. The grain size of the crushed samples can significantly affect these analyses.Expand
Water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen isotopes in glasses from the ca. 1340 A.D. eruption of the Mono Craters, California: Constraints on degassing phenomena and initial volatile content
Water and molecular carbon dioxide concentrations, the speciation of water, and hydrogen isotope ratios have been measured in a series of obsidians from the ca. 1340 A.D. eruption of the Mono CratersExpand
Carbon isotopes of trees from arid environments and implications for reconstructing atmospheric CO2 concentration
Four trees from San Dimas, the Santa Monica Mountains and the White Mountains of California, and Sinai Peninsula are studied for carbon isotope ratios. These trees grew in arid environments whereExpand
Carbon isotope fractionation during photosynthesis
A study was made of the reasons for isotopic fractionation in photosynthesis and the various factors controlling it. CO/sub 2/ samples from plants, air, and calcium carbonate were analyzed in a massExpand