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The Malmö diet and cancer study: representativity, cancer incidence and mortality in participants and non‐participants
In order to investigate potential selection bias in population‐based cohort studies, participants (n  = 28 098) and non‐participants (n  = 40 807) in the Malmö Diet and Cancer Study (MDCS) wereExpand
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Family caregivers' subjective experiences of satisfaction in dementia care: aspects of burden, subjective health and sense of coherence.
Family caregivers experience both positive and negative reactions in caregiving situations. There has been considerably less published about the positive aspects, however. The general aim of thisExpand
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The relationship between caregiver burden, caregivers' perceived health and their sense of coherence in caring for elders with dementia.
AIM The aim of this study is to examine associations between caregiver burden, perceived health and sense of coherence in family caregivers to persons with dementia living at home. BACKGROUND MostExpand
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Relationships between income, subjective health and caregiver burden in caregivers of people with dementia in group living care: a cross-sectional community-based study.
BACKGROUND Family caregivers of relatives with dementia report higher level of psychological distress than other caregivers and report their self-related health as poorer than that of comparisonExpand
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Design and feasibility
Abstract. The Malmö Diet and Cancer study is a 10‐year prospective case‐control study in 45–64‐year‐old men and women (n = 53.000) living in a city with 230000 inhabitants. One objective is toExpand
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Psychosocial intervention for family caregivers of people with dementia reduces caregiver's burden: development and effect after 6 and 12 months.
A number of different intervention programmes have been described in the literature for caregivers of people with dementia, but the nature of intervention has varied widely. The aim of the presentExpand
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Invitation to a population-based cohort study: differences between subjects recruited using various strategies.
AIM The present study compares subjects recruited to a population-based prospective cohort study by community versus personal invitation, and subjects responding late versus early to personalExpand
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Accidental falls, health-related quality of life and life satisfaction: a prospective study of the general elderly population.
As the physical consequences of accidental falls in the elderly are well-researched, the long-term associations between falls and quality of life and related concepts are less known. The aim of thisExpand
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An analysis of the caregiver's burden and the "breaking-point" when home care becomes inadequate
The burden of caregivers of patients suffering from of Alzheimer type dementia (DAT) and vascular dementia (VD) was analysed at the critical time, the "breaking-point", when home care becomesExpand
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Plasma Leptin Levels Correlate to Islet Function Independently of Body Fat in Postmenopausal Women
It has previously been demonstrated that plasma leptin correlates to body fat content. Increased body fat content is accompanied by low insulin sensitivity, which is compensated with increasedExpand
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