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Meaningful Consideration? A Review of Traditional Knowledge in Environmental Decision Making
In Canada’s Northwest Territories, governments, industrial corporations, and other organizations have tried many strategies to promote the meaningful consideration of traditional knowledge inExpand
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West Africa's International Drug Trade
Since the publication in 2007 of a report on West Africa's role in the illegal cocaine trade from Latin America to Europe, considerable media attention has focused on Guinea-Bissau in particular as aExpand
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Human Perception and Performance in 3D Virtual Environments
Virtual environments have the potential to become very significant tools both in the civilian and military sectors. They offer a new human-computer interface in which users actively participate andExpand
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Of elephants and men: politics and nature conservation in South Africa
South Africa's policy of destabilisation of neighbouring countries was closely associated with the rise of South Africa as a leading middleman in the international ivory trade. South African‐basedExpand
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The historical significance of South Africa's third force
Accounts of South Africa's transition from apartheid differ markedly in the role they attribute to violence. The most influential narratives of negotiations tend to portray the violence of theExpand
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Comrades Against Apartheid: The ANC and the South African Communist Party in Exile
The Communist Party of South Africa (1921-50) the spear of the nation (1961-68) the party triumphant (1969-75) from Soweto to Angola (1976-9) destabilisation (1980-3) mutiny (1984) rising in theExpand
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How to Rebuild Africa
THIS PAST March, a UN panel revealed that Liberian officials had signed a secret contract with an obscure European company, giving it a virtual monopoly on mining diamonds in the troubled countryExpand
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Religion and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa
There is a thriving literature of religious tracts in Africa. The few formal bookshops, and the far more numerous market-stalls and itinerant hawkers who sell books, offer for sale pamphlets andExpand
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This article describes a phenomenon known all over Africa, for which there is no really satisfactory term in English but which is summed up in the French term 'radio trottoir', literally 'pavementExpand
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