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Supporting Controlled Experimentation with Testing Techniques: An Infrastructure and its Potential Impact
This paper reports on the challenges faced by researchers experimenting with testing techniques, including those that inform the design of our infrastructure. Expand
Test Case Prioritization: A Family of Empirical Studies
We perform several new studies in which we empirically compared prioritization techniques using both controlled experiments and case studies. Expand
Prioritizing test cases for regression testing
Test case prioritization techniques schedule test cases in an order that increases their effectiveness in meeting some performance goal. Expand
Incorporating varying test costs and fault severities into test case prioritization
We present a new metric for assessing the rate of fault detection of prioritized test cases that incorporates varying test case and fault costs. Expand
Techniques for improving regression testing in continuous integration development environments
In continuous integration development environments, software engineers frequently integrate new or changed code with the mainline codebase. Expand
Programmers' build errors: a case study (at google)
In this paper, we present an empirical study of 26.6 million builds produced during a period of nine months by thousands of developers. Expand
Differential symbolic execution
We introduce a novel extension and application of symbolic execution techniques that computes a precise behavioral characterization of a program change by exploiting the fact that program versions are largely similar. Expand
Leveraging user-session data to support Web application testing
We present several techniques for using user session data gathered as users operate Web applications to help test those applications from a functional standpoint. Expand
Cost-cognizant Test Case Prioritization
Test case prioritization techniques schedule test cases for regression testing in an order that increases their ability to meet some performance goal. One performance goal, rate of fault detection,Expand
Selecting a Cost-Effective Test Case Prioritization Technique
We analyze the fault detection rates that result from applying several different prioritization techniques to several programs and modified versions. Expand