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A correlation found between contact allergy to stent material and restenosis of the coronary arteries
Background:  Metallic implants, stents, are increasingly being used especially in patients with stenosis of the cardiac vessels. Ten to thirty per cent of the patients suffer from restenosisExpand
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High frequency of contact allergy to gold in patients with endovascular coronary stents
Background  Stent implantation is an effective method for treatment of atherosclerotic disease. Factors predisposing to in‐stent restenosis are still largely unknown. Contact allergy to metal ionsExpand
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Young Individuals With Atopic Disease and Asthma or Rhinoconjunctivitis May Have Clinically Relevant Contact Allergies
BackgroundChildren and adolescents with atopic disease who have allergic asthma and/or rhinitis with and without atopic dermatitis may have hidden, clinically relevant contact allergies. ObjectiveTheExpand
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There is an association between contact allergy to aluminium and persistent subcutaneous nodules in children undergoing hyposensitization therapy
Background:  The development of persistent itchy nodules at the injection site following hyposensitization therapy with aluminium‐precipitated antigen extract has been described in several reports.Expand
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Does gold concentration in the blood influence the result of patch testing to gold?
Background  We have recently found a correlation between contact allergy to gold sodium thiosulphate (GSTS) and gold concentration in the blood (B‐Au) in a stented population: the higher the B‐Au,Expand
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A correlation found between gold concentration in blood and patch test reactions in patients with coronary stents
Background:  Patients with dental gold restorations are known to have a higher level of gold concentration in blood (B‐Au).
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Unexpected sensitization routes and general frequency of contact allergies in an elderly stented Swedish population.
Contact allergy to stent material has been proposed to be a risk factor for restenosis, after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) and stenting. Information on the general frequencyExpand
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Clinical And Experimental Studies of Contact Allergy to Stent Metals - with focus on gold
A large number of patients are treated with coronary stents, and restenosis (recurrent narrowing of the vessel) is a serious problem. Contact allergy to metal ions eluted from stainless steel stentsExpand
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