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Automata, languages, and machines. A
  • S. Eilenberg
  • Computer Science
  • Pure and applied mathematics
  • 1 March 1974
This book attempts to provide a comprehensive textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate mathematicians with an interest in formal languages and automata, written by Professor Ian Chiswell. Expand
Cohomology Theory of Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
The present paper lays no claim to deep originality. Its main purpose is to give a systematic treatment of the methods by which topological questions concerning compact Lie groups may be reduced toExpand
Automata, Languages and Machines, Vol. B
This paper will concern you to try reading automata languages and machines vol b as one of the reading material to finish quickly. Expand
Adjoint functors and triples
A riple F (F, ,) in ctegory a consists of functor F a nd morphisms la F, F F stisfying some identities (see 2, (T.1)-(T.3)) nlogous to those stisfied in monoid. Cotriples re defined dually. It hasExpand
On the Lusternik-Schnirelmann Category of Abstract Groups
Let H be an abstract group. The cohomology groups H'(1l, A) may then be considered for any integer q > 0 and any abelian group A with II as a group of operators. The least integer n such that H'(II,Expand
General theory of natural equivalences
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