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Effects of fishing disturbance on benthic communities and secondary production within an intensively fished area
Demersal fishing alters seabed habitats and affects the structure and functioning of ben- thic invertebrate communities. At a critical level of disturbance, such communities may approach anExpand
Diversity and community structure of epibenthic invertebrates and fish in the North Sea
The structure of North Sea benthic invertebrate and fish communities is an important indicator of anthropogenic and environmental impacts. Although North Sea fish stocks are monitored regularly,Expand
Fishing effects in northeast Atlantic shelf seas: patterns in fishing effort, diversity and community structure. III. International trawling effort in the North Sea: an analysis of spatial and
Abstract This paper describes trends in beam and otter trawling effort in the North Sea from 1977 to 1995. Data are presented as total hours fishing by English, German, Norwegian, Scottish and WelshExpand
Evolution of a Core Gene Network for Skeletogenesis in Chordates
The skeleton is one of the most important features for the reconstruction of vertebrate phylogeny but few data are available to understand its molecular origin. In mammals the Runt genes are centralExpand
The feeding strategy of dab Limanda limanda in the southern North Sea: linking stomach contents to prey availability in the environment
The feeding strategy of dab Limanda limanda was investigated within a predefined research area in the southern North Sea for 2 years. The aims were: 1) to establish the relationship between preyExpand
Environmental status of the european seas
Structure of deep-sea pelagic fish assemblages in relation to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (45 -50 N)
Pelagic fishes from depths of 250 to 3200 m from 45 � Nt o 50 � N were sampled during a mid-Atlantic cruise in 1982. These clustered into 6 assemblages, which were related to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge,Expand
Predation of whiting and haddock on sandeel: aggregative response, competition and diel periodicity
The predation of haddock Melanogrammus aeglefinus and whiting Merlangius merlangus on sandeel Ammodytes marinus was investigated based on intensive sampling [performed with a bottom trawl (GOV)Expand
Length–weight relationships of 216 North Sea benthic invertebrates and fish
Size-based analyses of marine animals are increasingly used to improve understanding of community structure and function. However, the resources required to record individual body weights for benthicExpand
Hierarchical data fusion for mapping soil units at field scale
Abstract We analyzed a highly complex soilscape of fluvial sediments by a hierarchical expert system. Using (i) inquiries, (ii) relief analysis on basis of a DEM 5, and (iii) soils' apparentExpand