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Seven Worlds of Moral Education
I n his striking critique of character education, Alfie Kohn suggests that educators might want to “define our efforts to promote children’s social and moral development as an alternative” toExpand
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Moral Choices/Moral Conflicts: teachers’ self‐perceptions
Abstract This study examines perceptions of school teachers in response to various hypotheses generated in research about teachers as moral agents, by delineation of several themes that emergeExpand
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Barber-Colman unveils it first full DDC FMS for large buildings. [Direct digital control facility management system]
Barber-Colman, a major temperature controls company, has introduced an integrated facility management system (FMS) that allows the company to offer direct digital control (DDC) for large buildings.Expand
Unneeded electric plant's cost draws manufacturer shutdown threat
If the Big Rivers Electric Corp. succeeds in raising its rates to cover the cost of surplus capacity resulting from new constrcution, an aluminum smelter threatens to stop manufacturing, which wouldExpand
Hospital pilot job may lead to 80 packaged cogeneration installations
Over 80 hospitals may install pre-packaged 500 kW cogeneration systems developed specifically for hospitals by Enertec Inc. of Dallas and Martin Cogeneration Systems of Topeka if a pilot project in aExpand
Two issues snag cogeneration wheeling hopes
A proposal by the Florida Public Service Commission would require utilities to wheel cogenerated power to the utilities, thus allowing cogenerators to sell their power to the utility offering theExpand
User antitrust suit alleges utility cabal limits buy-back
An antitrust suit against 90 Georgia electric utilities, charging that their monopoly of retail electricity sales should not preclude cogenerators and small power producers from selling surplus powerExpand
Solid-state meters emerge as users increase submetering
A number of small, easy to install, solid-state meters are becoming available as more building owners and industrial users submeter in order to allocate costs and promote conservation. Some firms areExpand
Hoffmann-LaRoche installs $5 million heat pump system
As part of an $80 million program to trim energy costs, Hoffmann-LaRoche has invested almost $5 million to install two 1000-ton heat pumps at its pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing plants inExpand
Old wine, new bottles: traditional moral education in the contemporary Jewish classroom
L'A. rend compte de l'education a la morale traditionnelle telle qu'elle est pratiquee dans les salles de classe juives d'aujourd'hui. Pour cela, il en examine d'abord le contenu et en decrit laExpand
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