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Portfolio management for new product development: results of an industry practices study
Portfolio management for product innovation – picking the right set of development projects – is critical to new product success. This article reports on the new product portfolio practices andExpand
New Product Portfolio Management : Practices and Performance
Effective portfolio management is vital to successful product innovation. Portfolio management is about making strategic choices—which markets, products, and technologies our business will invest in.Expand
Benchmarking Best NPD Practices—II
OVERVIEW: Translation of strategy into new product initiatives is the focus of this second of three articles reporting the results of the most recent American Productivity and Quality Center study onExpand
Portfolio Management in New Product Development: Lessons from the Leaders-I
A study of portfolio management practices in industry reveals three goals: maximizing the value of the portfolio, achieving the right balance and mix of projects, and linking the portfolio to the business's strategy. Expand
New Problems, New Solutions: Making Portfolio Management More Effective
OVERVIEW: Most companies' development portfolios suffer from: too many projects for the limited resources available; ineffective project prioritization; Go/Kill decisions made in the absence of solidExpand
Optimizing the Stage-Gate Process: What Best-Practice Companies Do—I
Best-practice companies are adding a Discovery stage to the front end of the process in order to generate better ideas. Expand
Benchmarking Best NPD Practices—I
OVERVIEW: This first of three articles reports the results of the most recent American Productivity and Quality Center study on performance and best practices in new product development. PerformanceExpand
Portfolio Management - Fundamental to New Product Success
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Maximizing Productivity in Product Innovation
OVERVIEW: Recent evidence suggests that productivity in new product development (NPD) is declining; that is, we are seeing less output (measured in terms of impact on the business) for the sameExpand
What distinguishes the top performing new products in financial services
Despite previous comparisons of success and unsuccessful new products, an Important question remains unaddressed: What separates very successful new service products from the ordinary? Robert Cooper,Expand