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The application of laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry to in situ U–Pb zircon geochronology
This paper reports new developments in in situ U–Pb zircon geochronology using 266 and 213 nm laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS). Standard spot ablation (spotExpand
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The Hf isotope composition of cratonic mantle: LAM-MC-ICPMS analysis of zircon megacrysts in kimberlites
Zircon megacrysts represent a late stage in the crystallisation of the magmas that produced the low-Cr megacryst suite (Ol1Opx1Cpx1Gnt1Ilm1Phl1Zir) found in many kimberlites, and may carryExpand
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Zircon chemistry and magma mixing, SE China: In-situ analysis of Hf isotopes, Tonglu and Pingtan igneous complexes
Field relations and whole-rock geochemistry indicate that magma mixing has been important in the genesis of the late Mesozoic I-type igneous complexes at Pingtan and Tonglu in SE China. MorphologicalExpand
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Non-chondritic distribution of the highly siderophile elements in mantle sulphides
The abundances of highly siderophile (iron-loving) elements (HSEs) in the Earth's mantle provide important constraints on models of the Earth's early evolution. It has long been assumed that theExpand
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Mid-Proterozoic magmatic arc evolution at the southwest margin of the Baltic Shield ☆
Mid-Proterozoic calc-alkaline granitoids from southern Norway, and their extrusive equivalents have been dated by LAM- ICPMS U-Pb on zircons to ages ranging from 1.61 to 1.52 Ga; there are noExpand
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Tracing Cu and Fe from source to porphyry: in situ determination of Cu and Fe isotope ratios in sulfides from the Grasberg Cu–Au deposit
Abstract e65Cu ([65Cu/63Cusample/65Cu/63CuNIST-976 −1]*10,000) in chalcopyrite from the 3 three igneous intrusions that make up the Grasberg Igneous Complex (GIC) and associated skarn deposits rangeExpand
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In situ measurement of Re-Os isotopes in mantle sulfides by laser ablation multicollector-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry: analytical methods and preliminary results
A method has been developed for the in situ determination of Re-Os isotopes in single grains of sulfides in mantle-derived peridotites using a laser ablation microprobe attached to aExpand
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Two age populations of zircons from the Timber Creek kimberlites, Northern Territory, as determined by laser ablation ICP MS analysis
Two populations of kimberlitic zircon are present in the Timber Creek kimberlites, Northern Territory. Laser ablation ICP MS U—Pb dating yields an age of 1483 ± 15 (2σ) Ma for the main group and anExpand
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Morphology and geochemistry of zircons from late mesozoic igneous complexes in coastal Se China: implications for petrogenesis
Abstract The Pingtan and Tonglu igneous complexes in SE China are typical of the calc-alkaline series developed at active continental margins. These two complexes are dominated by felsic rocks,Expand
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Pyrite deformation and connections to gold mobility: Insight from micro-structural analysis and trace element mapping
Abstract The metamorphic transition of pyrite to pyrrhotite results in the liberation of lattice-bound and nano-particulate metals initially hosted within early sulphide minerals. This process formsExpand
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